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Mental health and wellbeing

A modern organisation that is concerned about the working environment of its employees must consider their health and wellbeing. Work-related illness and disease make up a substantial proportion of days lost at work. There is a growing acceptance of the importance of good mental health in good and productive work.

"Now that mental health at work is accepted as an occupational safety and health issue, the golden principle must be applied: “predict to be preventative”. A strategy must be predominantly focused on the prevention and control of common stressors rather than recovery post-incident."

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  • Strategy for success
  • Helping workers engage
  • Domestic abuse at home comes to work
  • The mindfulness course
  • Stress management

“…Training products such as those from IOSH have helped change perceptions. And when that happens, it’s a powerful thing. So that’s why we’ll continue to use IOSH training – it’s been effective for our business and has definitely worked. At the end of the day, everyone who works for us needs to return home safe and well. That’s why we remain so committed to safety and health.”

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