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Catch the Wave

Supporting successful, sustainable business

Social sustainability is vital to the success of any organisation. Your business must be viable and resilient to secure its long-term future. It's not just about finances but also the social and environmental impact of your business.

The safety, health and wellbeing of employees is a key part of sustainable business practices. Getting this right supports a productive workforce, enhanced reputation and a competitive edge.

Our Catch the Wave social sustainability campaign supports businesses around the world to grow more resilient by investing in a safe and healthy workforce.

Free resources

Get free access to courses and other resources to help your business grow resiliently. See below for what you'll get.

  1. A short online course aimed at understanding the broad organisational factors that influence the delivery and effectiveness of safety and health activities.

  2. A short online course exploring the ways that safety and health expertise, practices, and polices within one organisation can also be utilised to have positive impacts further afield.

  3. A short online course exploring the ways that the principles of OSH can be dovetailed with other organisational functions and activities.

  4. A short online course that helps your people understand their roles and responsibilities so accountability for safety and health is clear.

  5. A short online course exploring how good occupational safety and health can create a culture and environment where everyone can find purpose, autonomy, and job satisfaction.

  6. A short online course exploring how joining up individual OSH activities helps build reflective, intuitive, and sustainable systems (“Creating sustainably minded OSH system”).

  7. Our new ebook explores the latest research to define a model for socially sustainable safety and health to help your business achieve stronger performance and growth.

  8. Communication from us and a heads-up when we’re releasing new white papers and other resources.

  9. Resources and tools to help you measure, monitor and report on social sustainability within your organisation in the future.