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Corporate business

A responsible organisation must take into account how its operations affect its physical environment. It must also consider social sustainability and the effects of work on workers and the wider society. Our corporate business courses emphasise putting people at the heart of business.

IOSH for Business

Good occupational safety and health makes good business sense at board, manager and worker levels. IOSH for Business helps organisations of every size with occupational safety and health strategies.

  • Quality street
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Protect your people

"Part of our new health and safety plan was IOSH training which met the broad spectrum of disciplines at DFDS, including warehouse staff, port operatives and automotive roles… There’s a great benefit to reporting hazards, and getting the chance to put them right. And it’s IOSH training courses that really opened their eyes to that. Because what may be a near-miss today could be something more serious tomorrow."

Job role
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