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Share your knowledge or learn from others

Do you want to identify gaps in your knowledge and learn from an experienced OSH professional? Maybe you want to improve your leadership, communication and coaching skills? If so you can sign up to the IOSH mentoring platform, as either a mentor or mentee. Both roles will allow you to maintain your CPD and increase your future employability.

Mentoring is free to all members and we offer three options to suit different career stages, abilities and needs. Matches are based on the needs of the mentee and experience of the mentor.

To get started create a profile on our mentoring platform. You can then be matched for a mentoring relationship and start to influence the future of your profession, or learn from an experienced OSH professional.

Offer or receive support and guidance to help with career development. This can include:

  • identifying specific skills or knowledge for development
  • increasing confidence
  • focusing on a specific industry or task.

Mentor a more experienced professional. It's a chance to share your knowledge and lived experiences with someone different.

This type of mentoring can help both people to gain understanding from a new perspective. It can inspire creative thinking and close the skills gap.

Connect with someone of similar seniority or career stage.

This might be someone working in a different role or industry but will likely be facing similar professional challenges.

This type of mentoring allows you to:

  • support one another through similar challenges
  • gain an alternative perspective on how to approach your work
  • share your own experiences.

Peer to peer mentoring encourages a give-and-take dynamic. Both people offer advice and learn from each other in a positive and productive way.

Learn more about how mentoring works

Join our webinar to hear from mentors and mentees who have shared an IOSH mentoring relationship. Find out how they approached it, what they gained from the experience and any advice they have.

"You may think you need years and years of experience to mentor. However, the closer you are in learning the better, as you will remember the actions you took in achieving the same goals."

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