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Become an apprenticeship training provider

All employers operating in the UK, with annual pay bills over £3 million are required to contribute to a new apprenticeship levy, however changes to funding for apprentices have affected all employers. The Level 3 Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician apprenticeship provides opportunities for health and safety training providers to train apprentices.

Become an apprentice trainer

If you’re interested in training apprentices, you need to join the UK government’s apprenticeship provider and register (APAR). Read the guidance on applying to join the register before you make your application.

Become an end-point assessor

There’s a separate process to become an end-point assessment organisation for apprenticeships, also known as an awarding organisation.

The safety, health and environment technician apprenticeship includes three types of end-point assessment:

  1. exam using multiple-choice questions
  2. work project with a presentation and question-and-answer session
  3. professional discussion based on a portfolio of work.

End-point assessments are separate to any assessment that takes place during the training part of the apprenticeship. Independent third parties carry out the end-point assessments. To become an end-point assessor, see related links below.

Find training providers for your apprentices

Employers offering this apprenticeship can search the government register for training providers and end-point assessors – see related links below.