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Ethical practice

Train in the ethics for our profession

Ethical practice is the application of ethical values to business behaviour. It’s relevant to our conduct as individuals and organisations as a whole and underpins everything we do as occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals. It’s about trust and integrity and doing the right thing even when no-one is watching. Our Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and assessment provides up-to-date content on ethical considerations.

Why is ethical practice important to me?

Ethical practice goes beyond legal requirements. It is about discretionary decisions and behaviour guided by values. Facing an ethical dilemma is never easy, so a thorough understanding of ethical issues will help.

Sometimes, dilemmas can be full of grey areas, and next steps are not clear. Reminding ourselves of our ethical code and applying this to a situation can help us take the right course of action. 

Why is ethical practice important to my organisation?

Organisations face increasing pressure to demonstrate ethical behaviour. Those that do reap the benefits, which go beyond an enhanced reputation. An organisation perceived to act ethically by employees can gain from increased employee performance, job satisfaction and trust.

What does it involve?

The ethics e-learning has three sections, with questions throughout to assess your knowledge and understanding. This is followed by a final assessment consisting of three sections, each containing 10 multiple-choice questions. You must achieve 70 per cent in all three sections to pass.

We will regularly review and update the e-learning and assessment to maintain currency in changing times. 

Start your ethics training

We encourage all IOSH members to do our e-learning and assessment to keep up to date with current practice.

Ready to join IOSH?

Our ethics training forms part of Blueprint and is exclusive to members. Get access to this self-development and career package, which also includes a self-assessment tool, CPD resources and CPD record.

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