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Leadership and governance structure

We became a registered charity in 1962 and incorporated by Royal Charter 2003. Our Council, Presidential team and Board of Trustees make up the central governance structure of the organisation.

Board of Trustees

Like all UK charities we are governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board sets our strategic direction and is legally responsible for all our activities, assets and results, compliance with our charity’s objects as well as our governing documents and all relevant legislation and regulation.

There are 11 trustees on the Board made up of the Chair (independent and not a member of IOSH), five corporate members of IOSH and five independent trustees, who are not members of IOSH. Trustees are appointed to the Board by our Council.

Find out more about our Board of Trustees.

IOSH’s day-to-day operation and performance is led by our Chief Executive and the Senior Leadership Team. 

We're reviewing some areas of our governance to make sure we are meeting the needs of our growing and diverse membership. By doing this, we can support an evolving occupational safety and health profession.

Meet our ambassadors for IOSH. They are all members, who volunteer their time for the benefit of fellow members, the occupational safety and health (OSH) profession and society.

They enable members to deliver our strategy, Activate 2028, and our vision of a safe and healthy world of work.

The Presidential team is nominated by Council and approved by our members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Together, they are known as the ‘Officers of the Institution’.

View our Presidential team videos on YouTube.

Board committees

The Board of Trustees is supported by committees for:

  • finance and investment
  • performance and development
  • audit and risk
  • policy and standards
  • people and remuneration.

There are also three disciplinary committees:

  • complaints review committee
  • disciplinary committee, and
  • appeal committee.

Chartered Members make up the complaints review committee. The disciplinary committee and appeal committee include both IOSH members and independent members. All decisions are made by a simple majority.

Disciplinary committee hearings are open to the public. We publish a registration link seven days before a hearing takes place. You must register to attend. Registration closes 24 hours before the hearing. See a list of upcoming disciplinary hearings.

Following the conclusion of a disciplinary hearing, the committee makes a written recommendation on where the outcome is published and for how long.

Awarding Organisation committee

The IOSH Awarding Organisation has a committee with oversight of its strategic direction and accountability for its performance.

Meeting quarterly, the committee ensures the IOSH Awarding Organisation meets the objectives set and operates with compliance to Ofqual’s Conditions of Recognition. It creates and maintains separation between the different interests of the institution, while maintaining clear reporting lines back to the Board of Trustees.

The committee has the equivalent status of a board of directors within the organisational structure of the IOSH Awarding Organisation. The committee chair is also a member of the Board of Trustees.


Council meets at least twice a year and is chaired by our President. Its role is to represent the views of our members to the Board of Trustees. There are 36 members elected to Council. All members of the Presidential team also sit on Council. It provides advice and guidance to the Board on:

  • IOSH strategy and policy
  • issues relevant to members and the occupational safety and health profession. 

And is also responsible for:

  • appointing our Chairman and trustees
  • nominating the President Elect and Vice Presidents for approval from the membership at our Annual General Meeting.