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IOSH for Business

Good occupational safety and health makes good business sense at board, manager and worker levels. IOSH for Business helps organisations of every size with occupational safety and health strategies. We've listened to the visions and values of our business partners to design our services. Everything we offer is focused on this shared vision for a safe and healthy world of work.

Our work with partners

We have a simple vision of a safe and healthy world of work: that everyone has the right to go home at the end of the day both safe and healthy.

But this is sadly not the case for many, especially those within the informal sector in emerging economies who are disproportionately harmed through their work.

We have close partnerships with significant international agencies and bodies like the International Labour Organization, the World Health Organization, the UN Global Compact, the Commonwealth and with government officials. This has helped us to identify and support projects helping to reduce long-term workplace harm.

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"Since we set this target in FY20 and started measuring impact, we have already seen substantial improvements in the rate of supplier lost time injuries per worker. We analysed 6.7 billion hours worked from the beginning of FY20 through the end of FY22 and saw a 47 per cent reduction in LTIR during this time period."

Job role

Taking senior leadership on your occupational safety and health journey is a new ebook from IOSH for Business. It's a guide for the professional who wants to change cultures, shape strategies and build buy-in.

We have produced a series of three webinars to support understanding and practical application of this model. You can watch them using these links.

IOSH for Business solution guide (pdf) (5.117MB) (opens in a new tab)
The IOSH model of safety (pdf) (47.675KB) (opens in a new tab)