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Is this your moment to step up from ‘I wish’ to ‘I will’?

IOSH 2021 Council elections open this week

Are you passionate about occupational safety and health? Do you want to see IOSH members well represented? Do you have an interest in shaping the future of the profession and your professional body, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)?

If so, then maybe it’s time you moved from thinking ‘I wish…’ to committing to say ‘I will…’ With IOSH Council elections opening on Thursday 01 July, this could be your time to put yourself forward as a candidate to be one of the 12 Council members elected this year by the IOSH membership.

Meeting at least twice a year, the Council is elected to represent and champion the views of members to the IOSH Board of Trustees. Council provides advice and guidance on matters of strategy and policy relating to IOSH objectives, as well as issues relevant to members, IOSH membership and the OSH profession. It also ensures that the Board of Trustees is acting in the best interests of the Institution and its members; appoints the Chair of the Board and trustees and nominates the President Elect and Vice-Presidents for approval by the membership at the AGM.

This year the nomination process has changed and now incorporates a selection stage prior to election, which will enable members of IOSH to better select their Council representatives.

The selection stage will ensure that candidates put forward to the membership vote have the skills, abilities and level of commitment expected of a Council member. Voters will be able to fully consider each candidate and their offering without being overwhelmed.

To find out more about the revised nomination process and to see how you can apply from Thursday 01 July, go to the Council elections web page.

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