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IOSH training providers discuss growth in safety, health and environment at annual conference

The IOSH Training Providers conference saw over 50 of the UK’s leading providers of health and safety training gather for an event at the King Power Stadium in Leicester on Thursday 05 December.

The conference brought delegates together to build knowledge and discuss trends for 2020, offering talks by leading professionals as well as an array of workshops tailored to attendees’ needs.

Richard Orton, Director of Strategy and Business Development, said: “The individuals in this room are already successful. What IOSH wants to do is to develop your business and watch it grow. That’s what today is really about.”

Growth, which was at the heart of the ethos of the event, resonated throughout the day. From attendees arriving through the doors to quickly becoming engrossed in talks by members of the provider community as well as IOSH representatives, this engaged group demonstrated dedication to promoting progress and development.

Attendees heard about topics ranging from the latest statistics on health and safety incidents from Jayne Lombardi, Head of Health, Safety and Insurance, Orbit Group, to Pippa Sparsis, Customer Engagement Manager, presenting about how IOSH is changing the face of safety and health in developing countries.

The day furthered the education of providers but more importantly provided a behind the curtain view of the extensive research work being carried out at IOSH.

An attendee I spoke with stated: “It’s so interesting to hear from people at IOSH about the day-to-day work they do to make this possible. I didn’t know just how much work went into their research, things like the No Time to Lose Campaign. [It’s] absolutely essential to progressing training”.

The day’s sessions all built up to the ‘Future of safety, health and environment- creating demand debate’. Providers had the opportunity to ask questions of the panel, directly or anonymously, about how to improve the demand for safety and health training, particularly amongst senior business leaders.

Speaking on the panel, Richard Orton, Jayne Lombardi and IOSH Vice-President Jonathan Hughes were asked questions ranging from the ethics of ‘badging’ (awarding hierarchy certifications – i.e. Gold, silver and bronze), as well as risk trends leading into 2020.

Leading on from these discussions was a series of interactive workshops where attendees had the opportunity to take part in activities including hoe to ‘Implement demand in your strategy’, and ‘How to best deliver your training’.

This annual conference combined essential updates from the industry’s leading voices with active engagement and ideas from top trainers. This promises continued growth and success for business facing challenges and opportunities head-on, collaborating effectively with IOSH.

Emma Guy
Communications Officer
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