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“Why I’m both a mentor and a mentee”

There are multiple benefits to being an IOSH mentor or a mentee.

As a mentor you can get the feelgood factor of helping someone achieve their goals while honing your leadership skills. As a mentee you can receive the support you need to develop your knowledge and advance your career.

And you can do both at the same time, like Bernard Mucha, to reap double rewards.

Bernard signed up to the IOSH mentoring programme in April 2020 to help him reach Chartered status.

“I knew there were many experienced mentors, people that were ready to support and help me achieve this goal,” he said.

“With fantastic support from my IOSH Mentor and other professionals, I achieved CMIOSH in August 2020.

“At the same time, I became a mentor because I wanted to support other occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners on their journeys to become better versions of themselves.”

To date he has mentored three IOSH members and benefited from reverse-mentoring.

“It is a two-way process where we both learn from each other,” said the 38-year-old.

Another highlight is the satisfaction of mentees achieving their goals.

His advice to anyone considering joining IOSH Mentoring – a free member benefit – is to go for it.

“This is a great platform and initiative where everyone can find relevant support to achieve their goals and objectives,” said Bernard.

“You will meet great people and have an opportunity to give back to the profession.”

Born in Poland and now living in the UK, Bernard is an EHS (environmental health and safety) Manager with global company Givaudan. Although he’s always been interested in health and safety, he started his first dedicated OSH role six years ago.

That’s when he joined IOSH.

“I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills, use the resources, meet other professionals, receive advice and guidance and also support other OSH professionals,” said Bernard.

He values being part of his local IOSH branch, so much so that he has volunteered as the IOSH Staffordshire Branch Chair since May 2021.

“By volunteering, you support other members, you can influence their development and there is also a lot of enjoyment in organising branch events, attending various meetings and being part of a fantastic team,” he added,

“I believe that mentoring, engagement and support of OSH professionals as well as non-OSH individuals will make a positive impact on safety and health at work.”

Bernard’s top tips for mentors and mentees

Mentors – keep in regular contact with your mentees, show empathy and try to understand their needs, as they may be from different countries and cultures.

Mentees – use the platform and tools provided and keep in touch with your mentor as agreed to share the knowledge and skills they have.

Join IOSH Mentoring as a mentor, mentee or both.

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