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‘Why I volunteer with IOSH – and why you should too’

Volunteering is a fantastic way to learn new skills, connect with fellow professionals and get involved with IOSH’s work.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Hundreds of members already volunteer with IOSH – from Council members and mentors to Group and Branch committees.

Each one makes a difference, just like Tina Morgan.

‘I’ve developed myself while helping others’

As Chair of our Rural Industries Group Committee, Tina ensures the committee is run in an efficient and effective manner and co-ordinates activities in line with IOSH strategy.

Her motivation is helping fellow professionals, sharing knowledge, and paying forward the support she has received from IOSH and its members. She has reaped many benefits.

Tina said: “I have been able to participate in research documents, be part of groups who work tirelessly to improve health and safety in agriculture, write or contribute to articles in IOSH Magazine and the farming press and mentor fellow members.

“I have developed myself while helping others. As a result of my direct involvement with the group committee since 2018, I managed to create a portfolio that I submitted as part of my application to become a Chartered Fellow. I was unbelievably proud to receive the news I had succeeded.”

Encouraging others to join in, she said: “There are not many professional organisations that give their members the opportunity to make a difference and influence change. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?”

‘Volunteering gives me self-confidence’

All our Groups are supported by committee members, such as Gary Monaghan, of IOSH’s Health and Social Care Group.

Volunteering has helped him “develop immensely”. Gary said: “Speaking to members is a great way of both networking and understanding what they want from a committee. This engagement helps us to give members what they need from IOSH and boosts my soft skills.

“Interacting with members, be that on a one-to-one or group basis, gives me great personal self-confidence and a real buzz.”

Gary believes giving back is a great way to contribute to others’ CPD while building your own – and credits volunteering with helping him achieve Chartered Fellow status.

He added: “Professionally, it is good to see how groups and branches align with IOSH governance and strategic outcomes. I don’t think I would be able to gain this knowledge and experience without volunteering.”

‘There is a lot of enjoyment’

Bernard Mucha values being a member of our Staffordshire Branch so much that he has volunteered as Chair of the Committee for almost a year, ensuring branch business is organised and run effectively plus more besides.

“By volunteering, I support other members,” he said. “I can influence their development and there is also a lot of enjoyment in organising branch events, attending various meetings and being part of a fantastic team.” Read Bernard’s story.

10 benefits of volunteering

You can:

  • get a sense of satisfaction
  • learn new skills and develop existing ones
  • build your professional community
  • share knowledge, ideas and new practices
  • support fellow members
  • deepen your contribution to a safer and healthier world of work
  • embrace a new challenge
  • enhance your CV
  • contribute to your CPD
  • help shape the future of safety and health, the profession and IOSH.

Five volunteer myths debunked

Myth 1: Volunteering is time-consuming.

The time commitment along with term of office vary greatly from an hour or two a month for a short period upwards.

Myth 2: You need to be in a senior position.

Many roles are open to and suitable for members at any stage in their career and membership journey.

Myth 3: You require specific knowledge and skills.

Different competencies are required for different roles, and in many cases your passion is more important.

Myth 4: You should be a specific personality type.

If you’re eager to learn, share and contribute, that’s all we ask.

Myth 5: You’ll be required to travel.

Whether you prefer to volunteer from the comfort of your home/office, or are happy to travel locally or further afield, there are options for you.

Read the previous story in this series to find out more about volunteering and check out all the options. Wherever you’re based in the world, we’d love you to join us.

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