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What is CPD and 10 reasons you need it

Continuing professional development, or CPD, is one of the key benefits of IOSH membership.

It’s also an investment in yourself.

CPD is about improving your skills, knowledge and expertise through development activities and then recording and reflecting on what you have achieved or gained. This demonstrates your commitment to becoming a more rounded and valuable occupational safety and health (OSH) professional, keeping up to date with the latest industry developments and staying at the top of your professional game.

Even better, it’s quick and easy and you’re probably doing it without consciously thinking about it by attending events, watching webinars or reading about regulatory changes.

Completing your CPD is a requirement of some membership grades, though we encourage everyone to do it. And here are 10 reasons why.

CPD helps to:

  • create a structured career path
  • highlight gaps in your knowledge/skills/experience
  • build your confidence and credibility
  • track your learning and progress
  • safeguard your professional status
  • develop and maintain your competence and knowledge
  • ensure you are as effective in your role as possible
  • keep you up to date with changes in the ever-evolving OSH profession
  • show employers/clients you can apply the latest OSH or professional practices
  • demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning.

“CPD can be crucial in developing and progressing your career,” said Nicole Rinaldi, IOSH’s Director of Professional Services, “so we support members to get into good habits with our online programme.

“CPD is a commitment to continuous learning and development. It’s the way we as an institution demonstrate to members and employers that getting that experience or qualification level is just the beginning of the journey. We want them to progress further, keep abreast of developments, maintain competence levels and move beyond current levels, so they keep moving forward and progressing.”

How it works

To start or update your record, simply visit My CPD and click log in. You can create a framework to identify your skills gaps, either technical or personal. From this framework, you plan activities that expand your knowledge and experience, and regularly update your CPD with what you have learnt.

CPD checklist

This quick checklist should help you get into good habits. Update your record every six months as follows.

Development plan for section A

  • Add job description, including role and responsibilities
  • Add career aims and objectives for the next six months
  • Add strengths and weaknesses
  • List skills/expertise you’re looking to update
  • Add end date on the entry for six months’ time

Activities for sections B, C and D (maintenance, new learning and transferable skills)

  • Title your activity
  • Add month and year at the start
  • Add date completed
  • Add minimum of six activities spread evenly over 12-month period

Reflective statements for each individual activity – helpful hints

  • Describe the activity
  • Explain why you did this activity
  • Explain what you have learnt or gained
  • Explain how you may use this knowledge

Six IOSH resources to help with your CPD

Maintaining your CPD doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. IOSH has an array of resources to help members, all of which can be logged on your CPD record.

  • Read IOSH Magazine – for the latest industry news and insights.
  • Attend events and webinars – run by IOSH and our branch and specialist group networks.
  • Use IOSH Career Hub’s interactive tools and resources – to help you develop the soft skills valued by businesses.
  • Sign up to IOSH Mentoring – to learn from an experienced professional or support someone newer to OSH.
  • Check out our technical guides – to upskill in key areas.
  • Take a CPD course – expand your knowledge and skills and keep pace with change.

Read more about CPD, including FAQs and contact information for additional support.

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