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What IOSH’s accreditation changes mean for you

Accreditation changes will begin to affect certain well-known taught OSH programmes and qualifications from the end of this month (August 2022).

This quality assurance exercise was designed to assure consistency for OSH professionals worldwide, and we have been working with education providers on this for over a year . This work is in line with the charitable objects of IOSH that improve occupational safety and health systems and standards and maintain and enhance the professional status of our members.

In this short news story, you can find out what’s happening and what you can do to make sure the taught programme/qualification you're taking (or planning to take) is accredited by IOSH as a route to membership, wherever you are in the world.

Accreditation for quality and consistency

IOSH updated its accreditation service for taught OSH programmes/ and notified all existing education providers nearly 18 months ago, in February 2021.

This was to allow for all existing providers to transfer over to our new service by the 31 August 2022 deadline.

Any education provider applying for accreditation had to meet the following eligibility for accreditation:

  • The organisation (Higher Education Institution or Awarding Organisation) presenting one or more of its qualifications/programmes for IOSH accreditation must be recognised by a relevant and reputable education regulator.
  • The qualification(s)/programme(s) being presented for IOSH accreditation must be on a regulated qualification framework.
  • The qualification(s)/programme(s) must adequately meet the learning outcomes required for entry into IOSH membership as documented in the Institution’s competency framework.

Providers have all been working to the same deadlines and no exceptions can be made to these criteria to ensure the quality and integrity of our service.

The Accreditation Team and Education Account Team have worked closely with all our valued education providers over the past 18 months to ensure everyone was equally supported through the new application process by the 31 August 2022 deadline.

You can see a list of all IOSH-accredited qualifications here.

Recognition of NEBOSH qualifications

Unfortunately, it emerged during this process that the regulator for one popular course provider, NEBOSH, does not currently regulate outside of the UK.

Any NEBOSH learner who takes or has taken their qualification assessment outside the UK must register/enrol with NEBOSH via their Learning Partner as soon as possible, before 31 August 2022. You can find more details about this in NEBOSH’s statement and FAQ.

We advise in the first instance that concerned learners should get in contact with their Learning Partner if they have further questions. IOSH members can also reach out to IOSH with any concerns either by email to csc@iosh.com or by calling +44 (0)116 350 0800.


Joint statement from IOSH and NEBOSH

As organisations with a shared vision and a commitment to improving work-related health and safety worldwide we support the need for robust and regulated qualifications that provide the knowledge and skills for the health and safety profession and benefit the communities we serve.

IOSH has a long history of recognising the quality of NEBOSH qualifications and the achievements of those people who have gained them. Many thousands of NEBOSH qualifications holders have become IOSH members. They are valuable members of the IOSH community, and some have gone on to achieve the highest levels of membership, Chartered Membership and Chartered Fellowship.

IOSH and NEBOSH fully support high standards and the pursuit of continuous improvement. IOSH has been updating its accreditation service for taught OSH programmes/qualifications, working closely with all providers, both awarding organisations and higher education institutions, to the same timeframes and criteria to ensure the quality and integrity of IOSH’s service.

NEBOSH mapped its qualifications to IOSH’s new competency framework, securing ongoing IOSH accreditation for most of its qualifications. It is working to secure additional regulation so that NEBOSH qualifications, and the people who achieve them, can continue to be recognised by IOSH and continue lifelong learning and development with their chosen membership body. 

We are also working together to help ensure no-one is disadvantaged by these changes and furthermore to look at other opportunities where we can support each other to further benefit the health and safety profession and improving health and safety standards globally.

Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher   
Chief Executive, IOSH  

Andrew Wilkinson-Sharpe
Chief Executive, NEBOSH


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