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What happened at IOSH’s May Council meeting?

Dr Peter Bonfield, Chair of IOSH’s Board of Trustees, gave an update on the development of the Institution’s new strategy at the recent Council meeting, held on 12 May.

It was part of the Council Assurance report, which is delivered twice a year to provide Council, the representative body for IOSH members, with updates on the key activities and decisions of the Board.

What was in the report?

The report covers strategic issues and updates on organisational progress in areas of relevance to Council and is one of the ways that Council members hold the Board to account.

One of the key things highlighted in the latest report was ongoing development of the new IOSH strategy. Council heard about the Board’s approval of an evaluation approach to ensure that learning points and outcomes from WORK 2022 are reflected on and used to drive IOSH’s future strategy. Council also received an update about the next steps and future opportunities for Council and its Strategy and Policy Steering Group to engage with the development of strategic performance indicators that align with IOSH’s charitable objects.  

Other strategic decisions taken by the Board included approval of the 2022-23 budget and business plan, and amendments to the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Risk Policy.

The report also included a summary of key activities being undertaken by the Board Committees, including a look at the 2022 member survey results, updates on plans for the networks review and the progress of the Professional Journey Programme and new Member Grades.

Steering Groups updates

Council’s new Steering Groups provided an update on their activities since the previous Council meeting in February and brought topics forward for Council to look at in more detail

One of the groups, which covers Council Effectiveness, brought a proposal for a new Absence and Attendance policy for Council members.

This policy sets out the expectation of attendance at Council meetings and the process for reporting absence. As well as ensuring effective, consistent management and application of IOSH’s Byelaws, the policy considers equality, diversity and inclusion and recognises that volunteers have busy lives and sometimes they need to step back for a while. The policy sets out a formal process, which Council hasn’t had before, to enable Council members to take time away from their volunteer position for reasons such as illness, maternity, paternity, caring responsibilities or work demands.

The proposal was approved by members.

Council also approved the addition of CPD requirements to the Council Standing Orders, updating the wording to reflect that Council Members should have a compliant CPD record in order to attend and be eligible to vote at a Council meeting. This is in keeping with the practice of other IOSH volunteers and reflects the will of Council that it should be the body that leads by example for CPD compliance to the membership.

Meanwhile, the Strategy and Policy Steering Group brought a proposal for a process relating to information sharing and consultation. The purpose of the proposal was to enable Council to fulfil its duty effectively and efficiently in respect of relevant Byelaws.

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