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Tokyo manifesto signals new dawn for worker well-being

It was fitting that the launch of a global manifesto marking the dawn of a new era in occupational safety and health (OSH) should emerge from a summit staged by the land of the rising sun.

Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022, a virtual conference organised by the Global Coalition for Safety and Health at Work and live-streamed from Tokyo from 11-13 May 2022 to all regions of the world, secured Vision Zero’s standing as a powerful management mind-set, a holistic prevention strategy and enabler of a business culture where people come first.

And the summit, attended by leading multilateral, regional, national and corporate players from across the world, used its focus on redefining safety, health and well-being for a new global age, one that’s marked by a growing need to build multi-stakeholder alliances, to launch a new OSH manifesto – the “Tokyo Declaration on Vision Zero for All”.

IOSH Head of Strategic Engagement and Global Coalition member Alan Stevens, who chaired four panel sessions at the summit under the broad heading of “Future business leaders: achieving healthier performance and productivity”, believes the Declaration, which was signed by IOSH Chief Executive Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, will take the Vision Zero message to a whole new level, establishing a document that’s shared by numerous top international OSH-organisations, as well as many key national institutions.

“The Global Coalition firmly believes that this manifesto for OSH provides a global consensus on Vision Zero that will act as a compass to guide all future international, national, industry and business level prevention activities, offering practical solutions as well as strategic guidance. We speak with one voice on this,” said Alan.

“We believe the Tokyo Declaration also makes a global call for action to ensure that “no-one is left behind”, that Vision Zero works for everyone’s benefit,” he added.

“This speaks not only to those traditionally in the OSH space but, in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, also reaches out to other sections of society that want to work for a future without accidents, diseases and harm.

“It’s an exciting moment for Vision Zero, for health and safety professionals everywhere and for global society as it confirms a commitment to a widening focus for work well-being, moving beyond the mere absence of negative consequences, such as accidents and diseases to embrace the wider mental and social dimensions of work.

“The declaration further supports putting OSH at the centre for social sustainability and is totally aligned with the key messages of the IOSH ‘Catch the Wave’ initiative,” he added.

All those who share the prevention values of Vision Zero are invited to join the global Vision Zero for All Community by signing up to support the Tokyo Declaration.

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