Reflecting on 12 months of progress

At this week’s AGM, Jimmy Quinn will hand over the IOSH Presidency to Louise Hosking. Before the handover, he looks back over the past year

As I come to the end of my term as President, I’ve been looking back over events of the past year.

It has certainly been another challenging 12 months, as we continue living through the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

In many countries, businesses have started to welcome staff back into workplaces, either full-time or following a hybrid model, while others have continued operating remotely.

Whichever direction a business has taken, senior leaders and decision-makers have been turning to OSH professionals to ensure that they make the right, risk-based decisions for their business.

And, once again, our profession has risen to the challenge, ensuring that workplaces are Covid-safe while also managing other existing safety and health risks. I couldn’t be prouder of the way our profession has responded and I’m confident we will continue to lead the way.

One of the key things behind this as we move forward is IOSH’s new Catch the Wave campaign, which launched earlier this month.

Through the campaign, IOSH will be showcasing how having good social sustainability practices and setting high standards for the treatment of workers, communities and supply chains leads to stronger performance and growth.

With consumers and investors, among others, watching business practices very closely, organisations must take this seriously. And, again, OSH is absolutely central to this. Our professionals can lead the way and help their employer or businesses they work with reap the rewards of safe and healthy working practices.

So, please do get involved in this important campaign, starting by visiting the website for more information.

If our profession is to genuinely continue supporting business into the future, then we have to ensure we have a pipeline of new professionals, the OSH leaders of tomorrow, joining us.

To that extent, I’ve been delighted to see how our Future Leaders and Student Members have progressed over the course of my Presidency. This included our Future Leaders Conference earlier in the year, with I was very pleased to host and have the opportunity to be involved in the discussions.

Many of these professionals are choosing OSH as the first career choice, which is great to see. At the same time, others are bringing their skills and experience into the profession from another career.

Anyone who has followed my activity, either on LinkedIn or through other channels, will know that I’m very passionate about providing a smooth transition for Armed Forces personnel into working in OSH, a path I followed myself. We’ve made big strides this year and I hope to see more people moving into the profession, either as a first career or with a career change.

Of course, no matter what stage in your life you are moving into OSH, being part of IOSH has huge benefits. As well as its new campaign, the Institution has continued to collaborate with other organisations around the world as it aims to deliver on its vision of a safe and healthy world of work for all.

It has worked closely with the World Health Organization, International Labour Organization and many other key global partners. It has also joined the United Nations’ Global Compact, to signify its dedication and commitment towards sustainability.

So, it’s been a busy and productive year and I couldn’t be prouder to have represented our members as President. I am looking forward to seeing this work progress and I will continue supporting in my role as Immediate Past President.

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