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Reasons you should join an IOSH branch and group

Connecting with your fellow occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals is an important part of IOSH membership.

It helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your region and/or industry and gain valuable support, career development opportunities and more.

Here’s a reminder of what our branches and specialist groups can do for you – and how to get involved.

What are IOSH branches?

Our branches strengthen the relationship between IOSH and the global OSH community at a local level.

They offer members the chance to make valuable contacts and develop their learning through a calendar of activities, such as in-person and virtual meetings, webinars, conferences and site visits.

We have branches and districts around the world, from Bristol and West Wales in the UK to the Caribbean, Hong Kong and UAE, all run by IOSH volunteers with our support. Check them out. Click on the relevant branch to find out all about it and what’s going on and use the contact icon on the page to message a branch representative.

You can ask to join and/or change your branch at any time, by emailing us or calling +44 (0)116 350 0800.

What are IOSH groups?

Our 18 specialist groups bring together members across the globe with a shared interest or specialist area to network and exchange information.

Each group stages events that champion good practice and stimulate conversations to help members develop, enhance and share their knowledge.

Group members can also contribute to legal consultations that directly impact on their industry and participate in campaigns and projects.

Again, they’re run by IOSH volunteers with our support. See which one relates to your specialist area, be it construction or health and social care. And if you can’t decide – say you’re an independent OSH consultant in the field of agriculture – you can join both our consultancy and rural industries groups!

It’s simple to do. Just email us or call +44 (0)116 350 0800 to ask to join and/or change group.

Why are groups and branches important?

Our profession is all about collaboration. So, branches and groups help members pool their collective knowledge, expertise and experience to promote health and safety in both their local communities and chosen industries.

This is how we will continue to improve health and safety standards in workplaces worldwide.

Join in now

Being actively involved in a branch, group or both will help you build and maintain your professional status.

It will boost what and who you know, and further demonstrate your commitment to your career development, which is valued by employers, clients and colleagues alike.

Plus, it’s free to do!

So, whether you’re new to IOSH or a long-standing member, get involved!

And look out for the second in this series of articles, which will shine a light on our volunteer roles.

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