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'Proud of and grateful to' our volunteers

We're celebrating the inspirational volunteering work done by Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) members to mark this year’s International Volunteers Day on Monday 05 December.

Our volunteers are vital to progressing our vision of a safe and healthy world of work. IOSH members freely contribute their time and expertise in many roles, including:

Laurence Dufour, IOSH Global Networks Manager, said: "Thank you to all our wonderful network volunteers who provide invaluable continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to our members globally and help shape the OSH profession. We're proud of their dedication and expertise and are grateful for everything they do."

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Branching out

Louise Hosking's first volunteering role at IOSH was vice chair in her local Chiltern Branch. She's also volunteered as a mentor and in the Consultancy Group before becoming IOSH President for 2021-22.

Louise credits these volunteering roles with helping her learn new skills and widening her network.

"My motivation for becoming a volunteer was very much that, as a health and safety professional, we're often in a team of one and we have such varied roles. Being part of a Branch was about creating a support network,” said Louise.

"I'd worked for a large corporate. I had a fantastic job there, but I was moving into that time in my career where I also wanted to give back. Being part of the Branch and volunteer community, we learn transferable skills that we probably wouldn't learn anywhere else.

"My advice to anybody thinking about volunteering is 'just do it'. Apply, get involved and know that you're going to have support along the way."

World leaders

Branch volunteers, such as our West Africa Division chair Temitope Mudele, work hard to raise the profile of OSH within their communities.

Temitope said: "My role involves bridging the gaps among the various OSH professional associations through collaboration and preaching the benefits of a united approach from all in our industry.

"The benefits to me from volunteering are numerous and include personal growth, increased self-esteem and self-confidence. It allows me to give back and make a significant difference to the OSH community."

Douglas Ma, Honorary Secretary in our Hong Kong Branch, feels he has benefited from the chance to widen his network and share knowledge.

"I volunteered as it gave me the chance to collaborate with different organisations from different countries to share the safety best practices and experience," said Douglas.

"Volunteering in the Hong Kong Branch has given me a good opportunity to connect with other safety professionals and keep updated with the latest industry information."

JC Sekar, Singapore Branch committee member, sees many personal benefits to volunteering.

He said: "My belief is that when you give without any expectations, what you get is always incredibly valuable.

"Volunteering as an IOSH member has given me some lifelong friends, food-for-thought and quenched my curiosity."

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