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Professional and personal success for Mentor Louisa

Louisa Mead has plenty to celebrate since signing up to be an IOSH Mentor 10 months ago.

Not only has she helped her first mentee achieve IOSH Chartered status, but she has also attained the Institution’s highest level of professional membership – Chartered Fellowship.

Now supporting two members on their journey to CFIOSH, along with a mentee preparing for an important exam, she describes the experience as “hugely rewarding”.

“The first mentee had a clear objective of wanting to pass his CMIOSH peer review interview,” said Louisa, Divisional Safety Implementation and Support Manager – Operations at John Lewis Partnership.

“We spent an hour together every month over a six-month period going through examples of questions and thinking about how to provide full and rounded responses to the interview panel.

“I was thrilled when he passed.”

IOSH Mentoring is a free member benefit that connects mentees, who identify gaps in their knowledge, with the help of more experienced professionals. Participation can help mentees broaden their skillset and achieve career aspirations, while mentor benefits range from expanding their network to enhancing leadership skills.

Volunteering also aids continuing professional development, with going “above and beyond” a requirement for those seeking Chartered Fellowship.

“I was keen to be a Chartered Fellow, as I wanted to become a recognised ambassador for our profession, striving towards our shared intent of keeping everyone safe and healthy,” said Louisa.

Having herself benefited from personal coaching sessions, she was keen to pay it forward.

“They (the coaching sessions) really opened my mind to how important it is to spend time thinking about myself, my thoughts, feelings and behaviours,” she said.

“I was also keen to learn and grow with the mentor process and develop new life skills by sharing experiences and opinions.”

Louisa’s interest in OSH dates back to an early managerial role with a manufacturing company, whose OSH manager produced documents to be implemented but rarely visited the factory floor.

“I thought there must be a better and more engaging way of doing this,” she said.

“I started to get involved, initiated workplace tours and inspections and completed the necessary qualifications, joining IOSH in 2006.”

Louisa enjoys making a difference, with duties for her current role including implementing changes to policy and procedures and providing safety insight and assurance.

“It’s a constant learning process and I love interacting with lots of different people and ultimately making sure people can work and go home safely,” she said.

Louisa continues to take advantage of her IOSH member benefits, such as networking and keeping up to date with OSH developments, and volunteers as a member of the IOSH Logistics and Retail Group committee in addition to mentoring.

Feeling inspired? Read more about IOSH Mentoring and how to join.

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