IOSH Webinar: Covid-19– the role of the OSH and HR professionals

Last week, the latest IOSH Covid-19 webinar, Returning to work after Covid-19: the role of OSH professionals on Thursday 07 May marked the sixth in IOSH’s ongoing series delivering the best-available organisational responses to Covid-19 and the global challenges we face with disparities in work culture.

Hosted by, James Quinn, IOSH President Elect and presenters: Malcolm Shiels, Chair IOSH Construction Group, Director Head of CDM Summers-Inman Ltd, Keith Hole, Vice Chair IOSH Construction Group, Director and Thought Leader TSM UK and David D’Souza, Director of Membership, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

The webinar provided delegates with an understanding of the factors involved in returning to work without jeopardising productivity or safety.

James Quinn, IOSH President elect, began the webinar by highlighting the vital role of OSH professionals during this Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s clear that throughout our global effort to protect people the safety and health and hr professional remain integral to the planning of what retuning to work could look like and how that is done safely and effectively.”

The webinar which works as a two-way channel for delegates on a global platform, provided an in-depth look at the role of a HR professional specifically in the construction and manufacturing industry with emphasis on transitioning back to the workplace, the new normal and what that means for professionals.

Covid-19 has transformed the way organisations of all sizes are working, so what is the next step in returning to ‘normal’ after business have begun to make working from home business as usual.

Keith Hole, Vice Chair IOSH Construction Group, Director and Thought Leader TSM UK stated:

“Are you asking the right question? We must ask how will people be re-inducted onto site, how construction plans may have changed in terms of working practices and hazards, what questions does this leave for contractors?

One of the key considerations in re-planning is looking after the key contractors significant to your project.”

The UK is very much a local employer with construction workers based in the UK. During this Covid-19 pandemic we have seen staff furloughed with 80% pay supported by the Government whereas in other countries like Saudi Arabia, measures have been put int place to protect front-line workers with 100% salary for all staff and personal risk assessments for essential workers.  

Joining the webinar to discuss the role of the HR professional, David D’Souza, Director of Membership, CIPD focused on practical chanllenges HR teams are curreenlty facing as we enter the next phase of this pandemic.

“There is an importance on collaboration, because this is a societal issue. If you follow a clear process and use the right expertise and collaborative process most issues are solvable, and you can create an environment in which people do feel safe returning to work. If you don’t connect with your employees well, it will cause complications in that employee-employer trust relationship”.

Questions around training, on-boarding and recruitment during Covid-19 recovery were raised by delegates in a panel Q&A session, which gave in depth- collaborative responses from all panellists, drawing on a range of expertise.

To watch Returning to work after Covid-19: the role of OSH professionals in full including access to the Q&A click here.

To find out more about IOSH webinars and to access the Returning to work after Covid-19: the role of OSH professionals presentations slides you can do so here.

You can register for IOSH’s upcoming webinar Covid-19 Global Logistics: Managing the risks for the future of a safe supply chain 14 May 2020 12:30pm BST will here.

In an effort to ensure Covid-19’s impact on our lives is minimised, ensuring goods are produced, handled and delivered, during this crisis, there have been significant challenges in maintaining an effective supply chain and protecting the health, safety and well-being of workers.

IOSH will be joined by key representatives from Bibby UK, Yusen UK, Make UK and APMT to bring you some of essential learnings, guidance and advice.

In this session, IOSH focuses on how to adapt to the fast-moving situation and gives advice for organisations on safeguarding the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the distribution and logistics workforce.

Additionally, the webinar will give delegates the opportunity to put their questions to the panel and share their stories on how you and your organisation are managing the crisis.

You can register for Covid-19 Global Logistics: Managing the risks for the future of a safe supply chain here.

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