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IOSH implements new contact centre solution

On Thursday 18 November, IOSH will be implementing a new contact centre solution to further enhance the customer experience we offer.

The chosen solution is one of a suite of tools being implemented over the coming months to ensure we can provide the best service possible to existing and new IOSH members and customers.

The initial implementation will involve our telephone channels for membership queries and training provider support. Once this is in place, we will be launching further enhancements such as a new payment portal and an online chat service, allowing you to contact us through our website.

To future proof our service, we have been required to change our incoming phone numbers for membership and training provider queries.

The new number for membership enquiries will be +44 (0) 116 350 0800.
The new number for training enquiries will be +44 (0) 116 350 0900.

But don’t worry, the old phone numbers will still get you connected for a few months after we have launched, giving you time to adjust.

The main IOSH switchboard number – +44 (0) 116 257 3100 – is currently remaining unchanged.

What is the new solution?

With the new solution, when you call you will also notice some changes about how your call is handled. You will be able to select the support you need, which will direct you to the most qualified person to help you with your enquiry. If we can’t answer your call immediately, you will also be able to hold your place in the queue and we will ring you back when a colleague becomes available.

IOSH Head of Customer Service and Experience, Matt Rockley, explains: “This is a leap forward for IOSH in the way we serve our members and customers. For the first time, we will have real-time reporting, allowing us to flex our resources to where they are needed, we will be able to listen back to calls to provide coaching and assurance, and we will be able to report customer activity accurately.

“More importantly, callers will be presented with a pathway that gives them access to the most qualified individuals available at the first point of contact and, over time, we will be introducing more ways people can contact us. I have no doubt that this technology will enhance the experience people have when contacting IOSH, by not only improving the access to service, but also by helping us capture data to make incremental improvements to service.”

The technology is being implemented on the afternoon of Thursday 18 November.
As a result of this, our customer service team will be unavailable for a period of time, between 14:00 and 17:00 GMT. We will keep the website updated with progress to allow you to choose when you contact us.

For urgent enquiries, our e-mail channels will remain open, so please email csc@iosh.com for support.

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