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Help recruit SMEs for international mental health

Do you work with or have links with small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Ireland, Albania, Australia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Kosovo, Germany, Finland or Spain?

Are they active in construction, health-related or information and communications technology sectors?

If so, the research team for the international MENTUPP project would welcome your help recruiting small businesses to participate in important research investigating ways to achieve effective mental health promotion in smaller enterprises (employing fewer than 250 people).

IOSH is on the project advisory panel for this research and would like to encourage members to take part or recommend participants. SMEs who wish to become involved should go directly to the research team using contact details provided below, to ensure privacy and anonymity.

According to project co-ordinator Professor Prof. Ella Arensman, “MENTUPP will provide sustainable interventions for mental health promotion in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Europe and Australia by involving employees, supervisors and managers, and by combining expertise from all relevant disciplines.

“A unique aspect of the intervention programme is the focus on both non-clinical aspects, such as burnout or stress and clinical conditions, including severe depression and anxiety.”

Two information sheets are available to download providing more information:

If you or your contacts would like to sign up, please email either mailto: mentupp@eaad.net or mailto:mentupp@ucc.ie

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