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Innovations in health and safety training is the topic of the first in a new series of webinars.

IOSH is teaming up with the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations (ENSHPO) to host four of the seven events, which start next month.

Covering subjects from psychosocial risks to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), the free webinars will offer IOSH members the chance to tap into the news and views of the European health and safety landscape and gain insights to help them in their jobs.

All topics have been requested by members of ENSHPO or reflect special interests of its member organisations.

Mireya Rifá, ENSHPO board member and Vice-President AEPSAL, said: “ENSHPO is very proud to be launching this webinar series, and we are delighted to have the collaboration and support of IOSH.

“Within its strategy for the year 2022, ENSHPO’s purpose with these webinars is to be able to offer all health and safety professionals a more global vision of different current topics within our sector.

“With this activity we reaffirm two of our principles as an organisation, on the one hand to be the voice of European health and safety professionals, and on the other hand our work of dissemination and promotion of knowledge within our profession.”

Running until January 2023, the series builds on IOSH’s long-time collaboration with ENSHPO, which brings together health and safety professional organisations from across Europe. The network promotes environmental, health and safety (EHS) professional standards at work and engages with decision-makers and regulators.

All ENSHPO members have an interest in occupational safety and health (OSH) and are active, engaged groups that meet regularly to collaborate and share knowledge.

Three ENSHPO members will join IOSH Business Manager Alison van Keulen at the first webinar to share their insights into the emerging trends in health and safety training across Europe. With the world of OSH constantly changing, the need for regular training and development is at the core of the profession.

Attendees will find out about:

  • new skills and attitudes that EHS managers must acquire and share with their teams
  • new ways of learning that are in the hands of the workers, allowing them to acquire and internalise the concept of preventive culture
  • new training trends in the health and safety sector.

Register now for the European emerging trends in health and safety training webinar on 07 April at 13:00 GMT and read more about ENSHPO.

Look out for details on the other webinars planned for May, July, September, October, December and January on psychosocial risks, Vision Zero, sustainability, polarisation of the world of work, MSDs and professional qualifications.

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