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Electronics Watch and Covid-19 - invitation to IOSH members

IOSH has been approached by Bjorn Claeson, Director of Electronics Watch, which is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support to public purchasers, to help improve working conditions in their electronics supply chains. EW are referenced a number of times in the UK Government’s recently published Modern Slavery Statement. 

EW have contacted IOSH because they are looking to set up an OSH Expert Panel and would like us to reach out to our members to see if any are interested in volunteering to be part of it. It will be on a pro bono basis, but EW are also seeking to develop funding that can hopefully support some expenses for future work.

Their aim is to produce OSH guidance for suppliers and procurers, particularly in the light of COVID-19. The project would involve generating OSH guidelines, policies and work protocols to protect electronics-factory workers and then possibly providing remote OSH assistance for factory managers implementing infection control programmes. EW are also interested in developing ongoing OSH expertise to support public-buyer affiliates more broadly, to protect electronics-factory workers from chemical and other hazards.

Members who are interested in contributing to this project and have appropriate expertise, experience and availability should contact Bjorn Claeson (bclaeson@electronicswatch.org), outlining their experience and expertise in OSH in the electronics manufacturing industry and supply chain. OSH professionals located in (or with recent experience of) any of the following countries, would be particularly welcome:China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Czechia and Scotland. Many thanks for your support.

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