Dear health and safety… be my Valentine xx

To singer Frank Sinatra, Chicago and New York weren’t just places to live. Chicago was “my kind of town”; New York was the “city that never sleeps”, a place he wanted to be a part of. Both songs he sang about these famous places were love letters to locations that had captured his heart.

Actually, the same can be said of health and safety – to those that dedicate their professional lives to it, it becomes a labour of love, not just a job. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, IOSH ran a snap poll on its website that asked visitors the question: “Complete the sentence – I health and safety because…”

And the responses that came in didn’t disappoint, clearly showing the love that health and safety people feel for the life-enhancing work they do. Like all Valentine’s messages, their love notes will remain anonymous, but here’s a selection of what came back…

  health and safety because…

  • “It gives me purpose and meaning in life”
  • “It gets my colleagues and myself home safely every day”
  • “I love protecting workers from workplace injury and ill-health and reducing absence from work”
  • “It brings out the best in people. Employers show they care and workers learn to look after each other”
  • “It’s a beautiful, misunderstood and underappreciated art”
  • “It lets me go home to my loved ones”
  • “I can make a difference”.

It’s not every profession that generates and enjoys this level of love and respect.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your role in ensuring our safety and health, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Jeremy Waterfield
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