Best wishes for a new world – OSH hopes for 2022

Hello and welcome back to IOSH in 2022! May we wish you every success and happiness for the new year!

With each new year comes our hopes and aspirations for the future 12 months. What are your big wishes and dreams for 2022? We thought we’d put some IOSH international leaders on the spot by asking them to respond to a key safety and health question for the new year:

“If you could wish for one thing that the OSH profession could do better in 2022, what would that be, and why?”

And to get a global perspective, we went to some of our leading members around the world. Here’s what they had to say:

Louise Hosking – IOSH President

“My big wish for OSH professionals in 2022 is that they be proactive, team playing facilitators who listen, learn and coach!

“Remember that it’s ok not to have all the answers. It’s ok to let others explore their own   risk-based choices, even if they are different from our own. Stay curious and embrace different perspectives; start from a position of ‘yes’. See the world of work through the eyes of others.

“Remember also that it’s a journey. Supporting organisations to truly put people first takes time. We may not see the lives we have saved. We may inspire people we will never meet and organisational transformation may happen after we have moved on.”

Bukunola Ayo – IOSH West Africa Central Treasurer-Elect 2022-2024

“I wish that the OSH profession focuses more on workers’ mental health. There will be a great opportunity to do this in 2022 with the pandemic having brought in a series of changes to the way we work – I’m thinking of remote working arrangements, virtual work, working from home and so on. Workers may not be able to recognise changes in their work/life balance or mental health so working groups could be set up to create awareness and provide a focus for checking on workers’ mental health.”

Nurul Asshekin Mustapha-Le Masson – IOSH Singapore Branch Chair

“Safety and health professionals are truly the unsung heroes, without the cape. We are often disregarded, despite our important contribution to making the workplace a safer environment. My wish for this year is that safety and health professionals gain the same recognition and respect as other Chartered professionals, such as engineers and accountants.

“To achieve this we need to increase levels of professionalism across all workplace safety and health roles.”

Harry Ho – Founding Chairman of the IOSH Singapore Branch

“The one thing I would like to see this year is for the OSH profession to speak with one voice and influence government and large enterprises to become role models in implementing OSH management systems that meet ISO 45001 standards.

“Coming into effect from September last year, ISO 45001 is about more than reducing workplace injuries; it also includes the promotion and protection of physical and mental health. Now is the time for OSH professionals to stand together and do the right thing because, with strong leadership, the rest will follow.”

Basil George – Oman IOSH Committee Member

“There is an urgent need to develop a sustainable production system that makes maximum, sustained use of available resources. This incorporates renewable energy, the circular economy and curbing illicit trade. Attention also needs to be given to working in isolation yet staying connected; being monitored but without any invasion of privacy; and being quality assured through indirect verification.

“All of these things will be needed this year and can be achieved by instilling a strong safety culture in all generations of the OSH profession.”


We put the same question – what’s the one thing the OSH profession could do better in 2022? – to a wider sample of OSH professionals through a snap online poll. Watch out soon for the findings.   


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