A year of Covid-19 webinars: helping the profession navigate through Covid crisis

What do the World Health Organization (WHO), World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), International Labour Organization, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the BBC and The Law Society of England have in common?

The answer: they’ve all been represented on at least one of the 30 Covid-19 webinars hosted by IOSH over the past 12 months, which reached an online audience of tens of thousands.

This Friday, 2 April, marks exactly one year since the first of these webinars, Managing workplace safety and health in response to Covid-19, which featured three panellists from the WHO, and attracted an audience of 3,750 on its own.

More recently, IOSH’s Caring through Covid mini-series within this webinar programme saw us team up with a number of key partners to address some of the more human aspects of working through the pandemic. These sessions included:

  • Supporting your staff to support themselves – in partnership with the Society of Occupational Medicine (Nov 2020)
  • Helping colleagues to stay connected – with the CIPD (Dec 2020)
  • Keeping in touch with our creativity (Jan 2021)
  • The law in lockdown – in partnership with The Law Society (Feb 2021)
  • Mental health and wellbeing (March 2021).

Other webinars in the programme focused on workplace psycho-social risks, OSH competencies needed for recovery from a pandemic, looking after the health and wellbeing of remote workers, the future workplace and its impact on people, managing the safety and health of workers in travel and tourism and managing safe supply chains.

A new three-part mini-series will hand this now well-established webinar platform over to IOSH’s Sector Groups, to debate positive sector learnings and initiatives to emerge from the pandemic that could have cross-sector appeal.

This new series, Covid unlocked: how fighting the virus today saw us innovate for tomorrow, will launch on 15 April and continue on 13 May and 11 June.

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The pandemic has proved, at best, challenging for all of us and, at worst, very difficult and sometimes tragic for many but the health and safety sector has often shown itself to be innovative, versatile and willing and able to lead,” said IOSH Chief Executive Bev Messinger.

The way IOSH and its members have embraced new technology to find different ways of doing things well has, for me, been a highlight of a very difficult year.

“This series of Covid-19 webinars has, without doubt, helped to keep our members and those in our sector learning, developing their CPD and expanding their professionalism. It has also seen IOSH form and develop strategic partnerships with a number of key local and global influencers,” she added.

The webinar series has been a hugely valuable part of IOSH’s strategic engagement work, forming first steps in a Covid-specific collaboration with the World Health Organization and early developments in the relationships with the World Travel and Tourism Council and World Trade Organisation, as well as strengthening existing relationships.

View all of IOSH’s Covid-19 webinars.

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