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IOSH Thought Leadership Panel meets for first time

Date posted
08 March 2024
Marcus Boocock
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IOSH’s new Thought Leadership Panel has met for the first time. The panel, which met on Monday 04 March, consists of seven IOSH Chartered Fellows whose experience comes from across the world of work.

It is hoped that it will be an active source of ideas that will be collected and channelled through IOSH’s Advice and Practice function. By discussing emerging topics and the burning questions of the day, the panellists will provide valuable expertise that will build knowledge, encourage debate, and promote the influence of IOSH across the world.

The panel also presents an opportunity to directly contribute to the direction and messaging that originate from the Institution. The first meeting explored wellbeing and its place in the portfolio of occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals.

Dr Christopher Davis, IOSH’s Thought Leadership Manager, who chairs the panel, said: “Creating this panel is a really positive step for IOSH. The first meeting was a really engaging and thought-provoking discussion, with our panellists using their wide-ranging experience and knowledge to contribute.”

Last updated: 18 March 2024

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