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Blueprint empowers Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Date: 30 March 2023
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Event Type: Webinar

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Tony Ginda, Head of Membership Engagement and Development and Tracey Steans, CPD Team Leader will deliver a short presentation on the benefits of using Blueprint and the importance of CPD.

Join us for an instructional presentation on how to use Blueprint and how Blueprint empowers CPD and also information included on dispelling the myths surrounding using our new and enhanced Blueprint tool.

Later in the session Tony and Tracey will be joined by Lawrence Webb, IOSH President and Qadir Mahmood, IOSH Council Member to answer your questions.

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Blueprint empowers Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Date: 04 April 2023
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Event Type: Webinar

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Tony Ginda, Head of Membership Engagement and Development and Tracey Steans, CPD Team Leader will deliver a short presentation on the benefits of using Blueprint and the importance of CPD.

Join us for an instructional presentation on how to use Blueprint and how Blueprint empowers CPD and also information included on dispelling the myths surrounding using our new and enhanced Blueprint tool.

Later in the session Tony and Tracey will be joined by Lawrence Webb, IOSH President and a Branch committee member to answer your questions.

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An ENSHOP Webinar: Manual handling: The importance of recognising hazards and implementing safe working methods
Date: 20 April 2023
Time: 13:00 – 14:00 BST / 14:00 – 15:00 CEST
Event type: Webinar

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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common work-related ailments, and a leading cause of working days lost, being a particular concern in healthcare, construction, manufacturing and agriculture. A major cause of MSDs is poor manual handling.

Employers have a responsibility to protect employees from hazardous manual handling in the workplace; to help them assess risk and prevent injury, and to provide them with the awareness and tools to make safe choices and changes.

ENSHPO is delighted to present an informative webinar focusing on the risks associated with Manual handling, and key initiatives and guidance to keeping working safe.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How to assess risks associated with manual handling and what preventative actions can be taken
  • Considerations and responsibilities of employers in keeping workers safe
  • Tools and innovation from the European community

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Student employability: Working in safety and health
Part 1: The beginners guide to the profession
 21 April 2023
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Event Type: Webinar

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The beginners guide to the profession

Occupational safety and health (OSH) is increasingly becoming a sought-after career choice for many, particularly as businesses are taking a more robust approach to health and safety in the workplace.

But what do these jobs look like? Where does the career ladder start? What skills might be required?

In the first part of this webinar series, we want to support your journey into the profession. With a focus on understanding why people work in OSH, this session will explore the different job levels available, expectations of these roles, and outline the support available to new, aspiring, or career-changing professionals at IOSH.

Hosted by IOSH President Lawrence Webb, he will be joined by a panel as they look at routes into OSH careers and how you can start your own.


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Divergent thinking: Exploring the world of neurodiversity
Part 1: What do we mean by Neurodiversity?
 25 May 2023
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Event Type: Webinar

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What do we mean by Neurodiversity

Diversity in people is an opportunity to benefit from enhanced potential. Are we harnessing neurodiversity to influence, engage and represent the profession and the wider world of work?

Kicking off this webinar series, we want to explore just what is meant by the term, neurodiversity, and what this means for employers and individuals in terms of misconceptions, preconceptions and missed opportunities.

When we consider neurodiversity, we focus on how neurological differences are recognised and respected. We all process information and communicate in different ways and, for many people, labels – dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism or ADHD – help us to identify different and alternative ways of thinking.

There is a power that comes with being diverse and inclusive, and this webinar addresses that. Join IOSH President Lawrence Webb, and a panel of subject matter experts as they explore divergent thinking and the value of neurodiversity in harnessing individual’s strengths.

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IOSH at Expos 2023

We are pleased to be contributing to the following industry Expos in 2023. These shows are a great opportunity for the OSH community to come together to share ideas and best practice. We are excited about bringing a varied programme of educational content to these events as well as providing support and information on our exhibition stand. We are looking forward to meeting our members and talking to individuals and businesses who want to find out how IOSH membership could benefit them.

The Health & Safety Event
Date: 25-27 April 2023
Venue: NEC, Birmingham
IOSH activities: Keynote theatre - see programme below, exhibition stand with small theatre for member activities, and local branch activities
Event type: in-person

IOSH Keynote theatre programme

Day 1 – 25 April: Tomorrow’s OSH practitioner

Safety and health professionals have a vital part to play in creating resilient organisations. Their function is evolving from providing technical support function to an enabling role, helping business to thrive and maintain productivity in an uncertain, fast-changing world. Their importance is growing as investors, supply chains and the public insist on more accountability from businesses for their impacts on people and places. IOSH, the world’s leading chartered professional body for people responsible for safety and health in the workplace, hosts sessions examining the broadening professional agenda, from building social sustainable organisations to managing mental health and wellbeing.

Keynote theatre host: Lawrence Webb, IOSH President

10:45 – 11:05

Shaping a safer and healthier world

IOSH’s expertise, reach and reputation, and the skills of its members, make it uniquely placed to influence the way organisations look after their people.

Ruth Lake, Director of Strategic and Commercial Development at IOSH, will summarise how the Institution’s new five-year strategy builds on the previous WORK 2022 programme to create a safer and healthier world of work.

11:30 – 12:20

A safe and healthy working environment as a right

The International Labour Organization’s 2022 statement of a safe and healthy working environment as a fundamental principle and right shifts the work of occupational safety and health professionals in providing those conditions from the employment rights agenda to the human rights arena. A panel chaired by IOSH Head of Policy Ruth Wilkinson will examine the ILO decision’s implications for OSH resourcing and enforcement worldwide and using the UK as an example for this session.

12:45 – 13:30

Protecting people in volatile times

We are living through a period of constant change; people face new pressures and unexpected challenges more frequently than ever before in peacetime. How can employers support them to face those challenges and ensure their working lives make them more, not less, resilient. Our panel will look at how OSH professionals can help their organisations ensure everyone thrives at work and is fit to face the world.

14:00 – 14:40

People at the centre: building socially sustainable organisations

The people who make businesses thrive are only able to perform at their best if they are protected and treated with respect. Safety and health professionals are central to that protection and their technical skills have reduced levels of workplace harm over decades. But they also play an important role in the wider whole-person approach now adopted by progressive employers. This approach prioritises supporting and engaging with people at work, promoting good health and wellbeing. This session will look at how OSH practitioners fit into the people-centred agenda and how they can contribute valuably – on their own and in partnership with other business functions - to making a fit and motivated workforce the heart of a socially sustainable organisation.

15:00 – 15:30

Goal oriented: Mapping OSH to the SDGs

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have been a powerful framework focusing the attention of governments, campaigning organisations and businesses on ways to achieve a more equitable world. The 17 goals underpin the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. Global action on decent work, working conditions, and so on, are included within the SDGs . IOSH currently believes occupational health and safety contributes towards 51 of the 169 targets underpinning the SDGs. This session will highlight those contributions (either direct or indirect) and discuss mapping tools that can translate your work into the SDG framework for action, better supply chain and sustainability reporting.


Day 2 - 26 April: Your professional journey

Anyone choosing a career in safety and health has more reasons than those in other disciplines to want to be the best professional they can. The wish to do a good job for their employers and to achieve their full potential is boosted by the imperative to protect others from harm. IOSH’s sessions in the Keynote Theatre will give practitioners food for thought on how to achieve all three aims, whether it’s maximising their impact in organisations or raising their professional standing. As the business landscape changes, experts will consider the place of professional ethics in OSH management and the value of increasing workforce diversity and helping develop others.

Keynote theatre host: Stuart Hughes, IOSH President Elect

10:45 – 11:05

Becoming the best professionals

Beyond the vital work of accident and illness prevention, OSH practitioners have great capacity to be change enablers, helping organisations adapt and thrive in turbulent times.

Nicole Rinaldi, Director of Professional Services at IOSH, will tell delegates how the Institution’s new strategy will support members to become the best professionals they can be.

11:30 – 12:15

Your OSH professional journey: make it amazing

OSH practitioners need to maintain levels of technical competence as their careers progress. But they also have to be able to step up to increasing demands from the best employers for rounded professionals able to work with and influence colleagues at all levels to achieve organisational goals. Join Peter Jenkins, Head of Safety, Stagecoach and a panel of experts to hear how to plan your development path and what tools and support are available to help you on the way to success.

12:45 – 13:30

Code of honour: Maintaining ethical standards

As businesses are held to increasingly high standards by customers, investors and regulators, the issue of business ethics has moved centre stage. The pressure to show “purpose” and that moral principles guide an organisation’s behaviour shows no sign of abating. Now that OSH professionals are increasingly helping drive better business performance, how can they best combine that enabling role with strong ethics? IOSH brings together experts from safety and other disciplines in this session to discuss how we maintain high moral standards and how to measure whether we are truly ethical.

14:00 – 14:40

Everybody wins: Making a success of mentoring

Mentoring other OSH practitioners to help them advance professionally is a win-win activity, creating value for the mentor, the mentee and the organisations they work for. Passing on the benefit of experience and influencing the career progression and personal growth of a colleague is highly rewarding. It is also satisfying to know you are helping to nurture the next generation of OSH practitioners. The mentee gains insights and support they would not gather from study and on-the-job experience alone. Employers gain from their accelerated development. The panel will share what they have gained and the techniques that work best for everyone involved.

15:00 – 15:30

Progressing forward with diversity and inclusion

Sound equality and diversity procedures, well implemented, lead to healthier workplaces and give organisations access to the broadest range of aptitudes and skills. IOSH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead Fayola Francis discusses with Jyoti Sehdev, Group ED&I Lead at Costain, how we can help make a fully inclusive workforce business as usual and reap the benefits.


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The Safety & Health Expo
Date: 16-18 May 2023
Venue: ExCeL, London
IOSH activities: Keynote theatre sessions, exhibition stand, Future Leaders Community led sessions and local branch activities
Event type: in-person

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Safety, Health & Wellbeing Live
Date: 27-28 September 2023
Venue: Farnborough International
IOSH activities: Keynote presentation by Presidential Team; exhibition stand, local branch sessions
Event type: in-person

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After a highly successful launch year, we'll be bringing back two regional trade shows in 2023 to reconnect you with market leading safety providers and to deliver inspiring educational programs at the highest quality and most accessible venues on your doorstep in the North and South of England.

Discover all the networking, CPD and procurement solutions you need, delivered free of charge in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Budget, time and travel restrictions are a constant challenge to which SHW Live uniquely responds by being the only truly accessible, affordable and sustainable platform for the industry to meet in person.

Farnborough International boasts a modern events venue with stunning views of the famous airfield and free car parking just 35 mins by train from London. OSH professionals travelling from anywhere along the M4 corridor, South Coast, London and across the South East and east of England will find an easy journey and over 2500 hotel rooms nearby.

Upcoming volunteer-led webinars and events

Our volunteer-led branches and groups regularly run virtual speaker meetings and webinars on a range of OSH topics and industry specific issues.

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What do attendees think about our events?

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Future Leaders 2021 which included a variety of interesting presentations and discussions relating to future growth and evolution of health and safety, and how it relates to us all as aspiring future leaders. As it was virtual it meant I could network with other attendees from across the globe - France and Trinidad to name just a few! Fantastic event, can't wait for next years!” - Ellis TechIOSH

"Value-adding, engaging, and interesting; the IOSH NVC 2022 was an outstanding conference for me as an attendee. It championed inclusive opportunities to readily hear from (and ask unfiltered questions to) the Presidential Team, IOSH Corporate team, and volunteers across the globe. With a strong focus on discussing & promoting a forward-thinking IOSH, and clear introspective content/reflections from the whole of IOSH, this conference exceeded all my expectations.” - Peter Jenkins, GradIOSH

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