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Help us to create a safer, healthier world of work

We develop, support and promote research that improves safety and health in the workplace through evidence-based studies. Our research fund was created in 2003 and we're proud to fund a wealth of research that informs policy and practice across all sectors.

Researchers can sign-up to be notified of funding opportunities. We will match you to the most suitable opportunities based on your organisation size, availability and specialists skills so please provide as much detail as possible.

Calls for research

Our latest call for research closed in February 2024. We asked experienced researchers to apply for funding on these three topics:

  • investigation of work-related adverse health outcomes in the workplace (including physical and mental ill health): barriers, facilitators and guidance
  • occupational health training for occupational safety and health professionals: context, challenges, and opportunities
  • algorithmic management and occupational safety health risks in a digital workplace.

Our call for research in 2022 asked for proposals related to the adoption of occupational safety and health as a universal, basic or fundamental right at work. We wanted diverse and inclusive proposals with a global reach. They needed to include a focus on both high income countries and low and middle income countries.

We were particularly interested in exploring occupational safety and health delivery in:

  • organisations from high, medium and low risk sectors

  • services provided to formal and informal sector workers

  • service delivery from a multi-disciplinary approach.

We're looking for experts in a particular subject area who can assess research proposals or review reports before they are published. This includes academic reviewers with relevant experience and non-academic reviewers with both subject-matter expertise and a suitable knowledge and understanding of research methods.

Sometimes our research needs people or organisations to participate in a study. This could take the form of interviews, surveys or focus groups.

If you would like to work with us as a researcher, peer reviewer or research participant, please use this form to submit your details. We will match you to any suitable opportunities.

Unfortunately we are not able to fund studentship applications at this time.

Our work with other organisations

We sponsor, support, and provide advice for other organisations conducting research projects. We’re also members of several international research consortiums and act in an advisory capacity on other research projects.

Affinity Health at Work

This is a partnership between researchers and employer organisations, national institutions and interested individuals who support research in workplace wellbeing and employee engagement. Our involvement in the consortium is as a paid member and supporter. Visit the Affinity at Work website.


IOSH provides funding for cross-European projects with SAF€RA, a partnership between 16 research funding organizations from 12 European countries who collaborate on research programming and launch joint calls in the field of industrial safety. 


MENTUPP is an EU-funded research project. The aim is to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace by developing, implementing and evaluating a multi-level intervention. It is focused on clinical and non-clinical mental-health issues and reducing the stigma of mental ill-health in specific occupational sectors and small and medium-sized organisations.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for about our research activities, please contact our research team on