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Enterprise Risk Management for Safety Practitioners


Safety Practitioners are often well placed to support their organisations when developing an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework. Most organisations face common problems when defining this framework. How to achieve a consistent approach to identifying and describing risks from different parts of the organisation? How can silos be broken down particularly to identify and manage cross-functional risk? What risks do stakeholders bring to the organisation and how can they be considered? The International Standard on Risk Management ISO 31000 provides a useful framework for managing ERM. The safety practitioners can support the organisation develop a framework that can offer a useful start to understanding the how to and why of risk management.

This course provides delegates with the tools to identify and describe risk and offers an insight into how to manage risk better. The aim of the workshop is to provide delegates with the opportunity to explore the management of risk at an Enterprise level, ways of describing risk to help drive business decisions and tools to help communicate on risk issues to your stakeholders.

Delegates will explore what we mean by risk and risk management and the challenges when profiling different risks. We will look at ISO 31000:2018 common challenges when implementing a pan organisational risk framework. We will consider the importance of stakeholders and risk appetite. Delegates will learn how to construct a set of unevaluated risks – the risk list and how to evaluate risk, including the importance of developing an impact equivalence table and providing evidence for likelihood rating. Finally, delegates will look at options for mitigating risk and how to create a risk management process.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will understand how to apply a consistent approach to the identification and description of risk. You will also be able to develop a consistent approach to evaluating risk, considering different types of risk and the requirements to engage with stakeholders. Delegates will be able to describe options to mitigate risk and understand how to develop an effective Enterprise Risk Management framework.

What’s in it for you?

If you are involved in ERM or wish to understand how and why to develop an ERM process, this workshop provides a useful start. It offers delegates with an opportunity to explore the challenges to develop an ERM framework and provides an insight into practical tips to make ERM work. The course has been developed from work undertaken in a wide range of organisations from large Government Departments to multi-nationals.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has an interest in ERM or who is part of a team developing an ERM framework.

Course length 

1 day


  • Tuesday 26 September 2023


  • £245 for members (excluding VAT)
  • £295 for non-members​ (excluding VAT)

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