Engaging to Prevent


Adopting a proactive approach to engaging workers can prevent many accidents. Many organisations are adopting a policy of sending managers and other senior leaders into the field to engage with staff and understand their health and safety concerns. This is not as simple as asking staff direct questions, it is more akin to listening and understanding staff concerns, eliciting the knowledge that staff have about the way the job is actually undertaken and using that information to drive real change. This course provides tools and techniques that will allow you to implement a systemic approach to engaging teams and investigate safety incidents before they occur. We explore how to create a positive framework when thinking about work and how to create questions that can be used to elicit information from the work force – “killer questions” that focus on picking up indicators of problems before they become manifest as incidents. We will look at the importance of using the information to improve safety outcomes and how to analyse and feedback to improve safety in the workplace.

Learning outcomes: 

Delegates will be able to apply a range of tools from Appreciative Inquiry to creating their own “killer questions” and using them to elicit information from colleagues in the workplace. Delegates will be able to analyse the responses and evaluate the best way forward to reduce the number of incidents in the organisation.

What's in it for you?

If you undertake safety tours, manage colleagues who conduct safety tours or provide advice on how to undertake safety tours, this course will explore a different way of thinking and provide advice on how to get more out of safety tours. It offers an insight into how to interact with colleagues to spot the warning signs that lead to accidents before the accident happens.

Who should attend? 

Managers, health and safety representatives and safety professionals who engage in safety tours.

Course length

1 day


  • £245 for members (excluding VAT)
  • £295 for non-members​ (excluding VAT)

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