Developing an environmental and human rights mandatory due diligence framework


The European Union has recently announced plans to develop a legislative proposal by 2021 that requires businesses to carry out due diligence in relation to the potential human rights and environmental impacts of their operations and supply chains. This course will equip you with an understanding of the key legislation developments and how to develop a due diligence framework to implement into the business. The workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of environmental and human rights due diligence. This will include: 

  • an explanation of what is meant by the term 
  • the key elements necessary for effective due diligence 
  • an insight into the EU mandatory due diligence legislation requirements 
  • an overview of legislation on key reporting and mandatory due diligence 
  • practical tips on developing and implementing a due diligence framework 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • To understand what is meant by human rights and environmental due diligence, key elements for effective due diligence 
  • To be able to explain key aspects of the EU mandatory due diligence legislation requirements  
  • To have an understanding of legislation on key reporting and mandatory due diligence  
  • To learn practical tips on developing due diligence framework 

What's in it for you? 

All IOSH CPD courses will count toward CPD compliance. Reflective statement forms are provided for key messages and learnings to be documented and recorded.

Who should attend? 

  • Those interested in CPD aimed at Core Skills 
  • Legal and procurement professionals 
  • C-suite and directors 
  • Academics and students 
  • Sustainability and ethical managers 


  • £445.50 for members (excluding VAT)
  • £495.00 for non-members ​(excluding VAT)

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