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Find out all about joining IOSH as a student.


How do I know if I am on an IOSH-accredited course?

All of the courses that IOSH accredit can be found here.

I’m on an OSH course that is not accredited by IOSH, can I still apply to be a Student Member?

No, Student Membership is only available to those studying an IOSH accredited qualification as per the list above.

I’m taking Managing Safely®, can I become a Student Member?

No, unfortunately this is a short course that is not eligible for Student Membership.

I’m doing a PhD on an OSH topic, can I become a Student Member?

IOSH is currently unable to compare PhDs against our membership criteria due to the highly specialised content provided within the thesis. In addition, a PhD is not usually a ‘first OSH qualification’.

What if I’m already an IOSH Member?

Associate, Technical, Graduate, CMIOSH or CFIOSH members studying a second OSH qualification such as a diploma or MSc will not be eligible for Student Membership. Student Membership is only for those studying for their first OSH qualification, such as a certificate or a degree. Affiliate Members studying for their first OSH qualification can apply for Student Membership. If they meet the criteria, we will transfer them to Student Membership.

I am an apprentice, can I become a Student Member?

The eligible apprenticeship scheme for Student Membership is Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician Apprentices – the first 300 SHE Apprentices to apply can claim free IOSH Student Membership.

I am studying for a qualification that is not in health and safety, can I become a Student Member?

No, IOSH Student Membership is for those studying their first OSH qualification. You can, however, still join IOSH as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate Membership is open to anyone actively engaged in or considering a career in safety, health and wellbeing or who has an active interest in the OSH sector and wants to connect to a global health and safety support network.

I have already done an OSH qualification; can I still apply for Student Membership?

No – to be eligible you must be studying for your first OSH qualification. You may be eligible for one of our other IOSH membership categories.

Can non-UK students apply for Student Membership?

Yes – IOSH currently has Student Members in 40 countries.

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What do you mean by ‘start date’ and ‘end date’?

Your start date is the date that you began your qualification. Your end date is the date you will receive your certificate.

What do I do if I don’t have an official end date?

In order to process your application we will need an end date for your membership record. In this case, you will need to provide an estimated end date, as we can always extend your Student Membership if needed. If you complete your qualification before the end date you have given, you can then choose to progress to your next membership grade early.

What will you accept as ‘proof of student status’?

We require an official signed and headed letter from your university or course provider, stating the qualification title and course enrolment and completion date. If you are not able to provide us with a letter then please upload an alternative proof of student status, such as a scan of your student card, or screenshot of your course enrolment confirmation clearly showing the qualification title, course enrolment and completion date.

I am in the final month of studying for my qualification, can I still become a Student Member?

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you may become a Student Member until your qualification end date, at which point you will be contacted to progress your membership to the next member grade.

After I submit my application, how long until my membership is confirmed?

Our team will check your application to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and that we have all the details we need to get you started on your journey with us. We aim to have this processed within five working days.

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How do I register with the IOSH website?

Once your membership is confirmed, you will need to activate the rest of your benefits by registering on the website and creating your login details. You can then gain access to your Student MyIOSH page.

How do I access the member benefits?

Visit MyIOSH to access your member benefits.

How do I access MyIOSH?

Visit MyIOSH using the link and log in with your login details.

What is the Future Leaders Community?

IOSH’s Future Leaders Community is dedicated to new and aspiring professionals in occupational safety and health. It provides you with specialised support to enhance your career and help you form new connections in the industry.

To be part the Future Leaders Community, you must be an IOSH member and:

  • be in the Student Membership category, or
  • be 35 years old or under, or
  • have five or fewer years’ OSH experience.

If you fit any of the above criteria, you are automatically part of the community. To benefit from focused support from the Future Leaders Community, become a member of the discussion forum.

What is IOSH Mentoring?

IOSH Mentoring is a safe, secure platform for you to connect and build relationships with other OSH professionals Our platform has been developed in line with our new competency framework, which helps you identify gaps in knowledge and areas where you could benefit from additional support. As a mentee you’ll be able to recognise how you can achieve your career aspirations, and learn from your experienced OSH professional mentor. You can register for mentoring here.

What is the Career Hub?

Our Career Hub is a benefit for members that offers interactive tools and resources to help you get ahead of the competition, secure your next job and boost your development. It is a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and business skills that can contribute to your continuing professional development (CPD). You can access the Career Hub via MyIOSH.

Will I receive a copy of IOSH Magazine?

Yes, you will receive a copy of IOSH Magazine, which is a bi-monthly publication focusing on the OSH profession as a whole and not just IOSH affairs.

Will I have to complete my CPD?

Continuing professional development is optional for Student Members but is strongly recommended to help aspiring OSH professionals build on their skills and knowledge and start honing their expertise.

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Prices valid until 31 March 2023

How much is the Student Member fee?

You can access all IOSH Student Membership benefits for a one-off fee of £15 for the duration of your course, providing you fit the eligibility criteria.

How much is the fee for Student Members on the IOSH Level 3 Safety and Health for Business e-learning qualification?

The first 250 to apply for Student Membership will get this for free. After these places have been taken there will be a one-off fee of £15 for the duration of your course.

How much is the fee for SHE Apprentices?

A one-off fee of £15 for the duration of your course.

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Student membership progression

My course end date has been extended, what should I do?

If the duration of the qualification has been extended, we will require a letter from your university or training provider to confirm the new completion date.

What happens when I finish my qualification?

If you’ve completed your qualification, that means you’re ready to progress to your next IOSH Member grade. Depending on your qualification, you’ll be able to progress to Graduate Member, Technical Member or Associate Member. We’ll contact you when you’ve completed your qualification and you’ll be given a maximum of three months to progress your membership.

Can I become a Chartered Member afterwards?

As the only organisation in the world that offers Chartered Membership to health and safety practitioners, we can help you achieve the highest professional standards and gain international recognition. You can only become a Chartered Member after gaining Graduate Membership. Visit our webpage on Chartered Membership for details of how to work towards Chartered Membership.

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