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Comments, compliments and complaints

As the global Chartered professional body for OSH professionals, people look to IOSH for many things, and it is inevitable that the position we take on topics may be at odds with the position taken by other individuals or organisations.

As a learning organisation, we believe that listening to the views and experiences of our members, customers and stakeholders is vital to our success. We are passionate about excellence and welcome all input and feedback from others to enable us to continuously improve.

Engaging with us

Should you wish to engage with us, we have set out principles in this document that will help you to frame your approach and to allow us to collectively make the most of your time and input.

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Behavioural expectations

Occasionally, correspondents engage with us in an unreasonably persistent or vexatious manner. This document sets out how we will approach these circumstances should they arise.

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IOSH’s criteria for blocking vexatious people on social media

Our IOSH social media channels provide a platform for our members, customers, training providers, staff, OSH professionals, and the wider public to come together to share information and ideas. To protect the integrity of this community we ask that all our followers act responsibly and communicate with IOSH and the rest of the community positively, behaving in a polite and constructive way.

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Raising a complaint 

As with any complex organisation, we will occasionally fall short of your expectations and the high standards that we set ourselves. Where this happens, and when it can’t be resolved through conversation, you can raise a complaint with your concerns.

Our Customer Complaints Business Rule outlines the process you need to follow depending on the nature of your complaint. Types of complaints outlined in the business rule:

  • Corporate complaint - a service we have offered you fails to meet your expectations
  • Training provider complaint - a company or individual who is selling IOSH training products fails to meet your expectations or you have suspicion that a training provider is operating outside the IOSH Terms and Conditions of sale
  • IOSH member Code of Conduct complaint - you suspect an IOSH member has failed their duty to uphold the Code of Conduct. To submit a complaint relating to Code of Conduct, please e-mail governance@iosh.com.
  • IOSH Volunteer Code of Behaviour complaint  - you suspect a volunteer representing IOSH has failed to uphold the Volunteer Code of Behaviour. To submit a complaint relating to the Volunteer Code of Behaviour, please e-mail governance@iosh.com.

If, after having reviewed the options, you are unsure where to direct your concern, please email CSC@iosh.com.

To allow us to attend your concerns in the most appropriate manner, please include the following information when raising a complaint:

  1. Your name and contact details
  2. Your membership number (if applicable)
  3. Full details of the failure of service including any dates, location, and witnesses
  4. How you have been affected
  5. The outcome you would consider a satisfactory resolution