The changing lanscape of OSH regulation in the UK

This study aimed to map the changing OSH policy and practice landscape, identifying how to achieve the right balance between different types of initiatives.

The project, undertaken by University of Nottingham, had the following research objectives:

  • to investigate different sources of authority and key actors in the changing OSH landscape
  • to map different types of initiatives promoted by these key actors, their implementation in practice and their impact
  • to compare with similar changes to the OSH landscape in other countries
  • to investigate how much freedom actors have to devise locally-relevant OSH strategies
  • to explore how potential external constraints are generated and managed by actors in local OSH systems and how they are changing with the industrial structure
  • to investigate how the changing OSH landscape affects OSH standards and practice, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • to explore how OSH professionals cope with changing regulatory contexts
  • to provide recommendations on the role of IOSH and its members in a changing environment

Read the full report here