Opportunity starts here

Opportunity starts here is our exciting programme of work to help you fulfil your potential. All members* now have access to our new and enhanced Blueprint – the first phase of the launch. 

Blueprint is an all-in-one package to self-assess, learn and record your continuing professional development (CPD). It has everything you need for career and self-development activity in one place. 

Your professional journey is unique to you and Blueprint enables you to personalise it to your needs. 


*IOSH members: you will have received an email from blueprint@iosh.com with your login details. If you cannot find it, please send us a message with your membership number and we will resend the email. 

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How Blueprint works

Our new and enhanced Blueprint will help you build and demonstrate your competence as an occupational safety and health (OSH) professional. It has four elements.

 Self-assessment tool 

Assessing your capability is the first step on your enhanced professional journey.

The Blueprint self-assessment tool is mapped to our competency framework, which covers all the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to excel in your OSH career.

You’ll complete a self-assessment for each of the three competency areas – technical, core and behavioural. It’s easy to do – just follow the instructions on screen. This will help you identify your strengths along with areas for improvement.

While the process can take up to two hours, remember that it is an investment yourself. We recommend you take a considered, well-though-out approach to your self-assessment and set time aside so you can give it your full focus.

The next step is to build your personal development plan (PDP) based on the results of your self-assessment, career stage and/or aspirations. You may want to maintain existing skills, develop new ones or both.

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 CPD resources 

To support your learning and development, we are providing a new suite of resources mapped to the competency framework. You can download, digest and refer to them at any time.  

You can also access: 

  • technical resources, written by IOSH’s safety and health experts 
  • core and behavioural resources, provided by our specialist partners – bringing you the very best thinking in the field.  

You can access your PDP at any time via our Blueprint tool. Simply click on your different development areas to discover all the IOSH CPD resources that can help you.

 CPD record 

Remaining CPD compliant ensures you keep pace with the evolving demands of the OSH profession and is mandatory for Technical, Graduate and Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows. But we recommend CPD as good practice for our Affiliate and Student Members too.

You can record your CPD in Blueprint, to reflect on what you have learnt and achieved. You can easily switch between the CPD resources and your CPD record to ensure you are recording your learning as you go along. It also directly links to your PDP, so you can track your progress. 

Check out our FAQs

 IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and assessment  

Ethical practice is extremely important in ensuring public trust and upholding the reputation of our profession. The new learning material provides you with up-to-date content on ethical considerations that affect organisations and the OSH profession in the widest sense.  

The assessment is available to all members. This is mandatory for Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows, as we expect them to lead the profession by demonstrating the highest standards of professional conduct at work and in their dealings with the public. But we encourage all members to do this and keep their knowledge current. And it can count towards CPD.

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What’s coming next for your professional journey?

We’re pleased to say that in 2023 we’ll be implementing IOSH’s new membership grades along with self-serve, personalised journeys for upgrading your membership. We want to fully support you on your professional journey to ensure that your membership grade reflects your level of professional competence.   

We will continue to communicate with all members via email, so please keep an eye on your inbox as it will contain important information about your membership. In the meantime, we encourage you to use the new and enhanced Blueprint to support you on your professional journey and remain CPD compliant.  

You can complete your self-assessment, create your bespoke personal development plan, and access a wealth of CPD resources to assist you in maintaining and developing your knowledge so that you are fully prepared. 

Please note that members currently in upgrade routes to Chartered (IPD) and Fellow membership categories should continue to use the existing platform accessed via MyIOSH. This is so we can accept all the CPD entries that members have recorded historically. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email cpd.enquiries@iosh.com or check out our FAQs below. 

Blueprint FAQs 

Is this new and enhanced Blueprint replacing the current version?

Yes. The new and enhanced Blueprint offers the full package, whereas the current Blueprint only offers the first step (self-assessment). So, we are introducing this improved version to enhance your professional journey. The new Blueprint provides a self-assessment tool, CPD resources, CPD record and the IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and assessment.

I’ve already taken the self-assessment in Blueprint; will my results be transferred across to the new version of Blueprint?

No, your old self-assessment will not be transferred across. This is because the new and enhanced Blueprint self-assessment tool is aligned to the competency framework, which means that you need to retake the assessment to ensure you’re assessing against the most up-to-date competencies.

Why do you feel the need to introduce an IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and assessment when ethics are already covered in the Code of Conduct?

The IOSH Code of Conduct commits members to the IOSH vision for a world of work that is safe, healthy and sustainable. It provides an ethical foundation for members working towards this vision. The IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH assessment, which is supported by e-learning, will provide members with up-to-date and relevant content on ethical considerations that affect organisations and the OSH profession in the widest sense.

Will I have to pay for the IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and assessment?

No, the IOSH Ethical Practice in OSH e-learning and assessment will be free of charge as part of our CPD package. This can also be counted towards your CPD.

Am I able to download the answers I have given in my self-assessment?

No, you are not able to download the self-assessment content, your statement choices, or your multiple-choice responses. However, the personal development plan (PDP) is an output based on the items you selected within the self-assessment. This can be downloaded from Blueprint.