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What happened at IOSH’s August Council meeting?

Members of Council provided feedback on IOSH’s strategic performance indicators (SPIs) at their recent meeting, held on 11 August.

Strategic discussion

It was previously reported that a session was held with Council to get further feedback on the new strategy and vision and mission statement in line with the organisation’s charitable objects. This formed basis for further consideration by the Board before receiving the final strategy principles for approval.

Since then, the Council’s Strategy and Policy Steering Group (SPSG) has received the SPIs and been given an opportunity to consider them and present its response at the August Council meeting. Break out rooms were used in the meeting as an opportunity to consider if there was anything else they would have expected to see, with Council regrouping to collectively agree its feedback to be passed to the Board.

Two of Council’s Steering Groups were also recently invited to take part in the evaluation process of the existing IOSH strategy, WORK 2022, with the full evaluation outcomes listed as part of this meeting agenda. Council heard the overall feedback that had been sought from the evaluation process, presented to them by an independent consultant and were also given an overview of identified recommendations for the incoming strategy.

What else was discussed?

Council discussed a few other items on the agenda during the meeting. The Council Steering Groups – Council Effectiveness, Member Representation and Strategy and Policy – provided general updates on their activities.

Council Effectiveness also updated on an amendment to the Co-option to Council process, specifically looking at nomination deadlines, to further strengthen the clarity and robustness for all involved. As part of this process the President-Elect/Vice-Chair of Council will soon be putting forward their nominees for co-option to help support them in their year as President and as Chair of Council.

Meanwhile, the Member Representation group said they are in the process of collating and analysing data and feedback from members, with a further update at the October meeting when they will identify and prioritise matters most relevant to the Institution and the Board.

Other matters included:

  • an update of recommendations that were put forward by Council to the Board in June, including the approval of the establishment of an effective process to disseminate relevant information to Council, in the form of a forward plan for Council, Board and IOSH’s senior leadership team and the approval to consider an online journal as part of the research strategy;
  • an update from the Presidential Team on their activities;
  • and an overview of the Council’s workplan based on the overall IOSH business plan.

More on Council

The next Council meeting, in October, will be held face-to-face for the first time since before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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