Group committee member application

Guidance notes on completion of application form

Section A: Asks you to provide personal details and complete questions relating to the specific competences identified as important for a Group Committee Member.

Section B: Gives you an opportunity to highlight any additional information you feel is relevant to your application.

Please provide examples of your experience wherever possible to assist in the assessment of your application.

Pronouns are short words that can be used in a sentence in place of a person’s name. We ask for pronouns to ensure that we can address you correctly and respectfully.
Personal Attributes

Information for candidates: Evidence of specialist competences will be used for short-listing purposes. Personal attributes should be highlighted in your application and will be tested further at interview if necessary.

Statement on data protection and data processing: Personal information contained within this application form will only be used for the position(s) applied for and no other purpose. The information will be kept confidentially by IOSH.