Volunteer with IOSH

Be the difference

As an IOSH member, you’re eligible to apply for volunteer roles at IOSH.

Why volunteer with IOSH?

  • Make a difference to the future of IOSH
  • Contribute further to making the world a safer place
  • Boost your career development
  • Give yourself a challenge

Current vacancies


Council is IOSH’s representative body, providing advice and guidance on strategic, professional and policy issues for the Institution. It represents the views of members to the Board of Trustees and has the key responsibility for choosing who will represent the Institution as President. Any member can stand for Council, but they need to be nominated in the correct way.

Membership of Council is open to all members of IOSH.  Candidates must be a member of IOSH with a current subscription and up to date Continued Professional Development (CPD) at the time of application (where CPD is a requirement of their membership category).

Stage 1 – Applications

Candidates are required to submit an electronic application form via the nomination site. The application questions will be based on the competency criteria from the Council member role profile.

Applications are anonymised prior to being long listed by a selection panel. A scoring system is used by the panel to select the top scoring 36 candidates. Any candidates that are tied at the rank of 36 shall be progressed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Panel Interview

The candidates selected at stage 1 are invited to attend an interview session which includes a 5-minute presentation and two panel questions. A scoring system is used by the panel to short list the top scoring 24 candidates, including any ties at the rank of 24.


The 24 short-listed candidates, plus ties, are put forward to the membership for election to Council. Candidates are required at this stage to submit a video and statement which is included on the candidate information and voting site.

Prior to voting opening, and through to when voting closes, candidates are permitted to campaign to help the voter understand who they are and what they stand for. During the process IOSH hosts a number of husting webinars, which candidates will attend, to answer questions from members about their candidacy prior to voting opening.

Candidates are required to remain compliant with our electioneering rules throughout. Elected members join Council after the IOSH Annual General Meeting each year and serve for three years.


Presidential team

The Presidential team works closely with the Institution in an ambassadorial capacity, supporting the delivery of key strategic messages to the membership and globally to the wider occupational health and safety profession.

The President Elect and two new Vice-Presidents are nominated by Council and approved by the membership at its Annual General Meeting. This is also when the President and Immediate Past President are confirmed.

This year, we’re looking for two members to join the existing team of Vice-Presidents (VP) and to represent IOSH from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022, to the AGM in 2025.

See here for more information!


Non-Executive Director

We are looking for a Corporate Member* to join the IOSH Services Limited (ISL) Board who can demonstrate strategic vision, sound commercial acumen, excellent communication skills and help support the commercial activities of IOSH’s trading subsidiary.

See here for more information


Group volunteers

IOSH has 18 industry specific groups. Each one has a committee that is made up of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers engage with IOSH members, recruit new members, organise activities and support the IOSH brand and strategy.

See here for the competencies required of group committee members.

Applications are now open to join the following group committees.

Apply now to be a group volunteer!


External representatives

Many IOSH members represent IOSH on national and international committees. By working with us as official IOSH representatives they champion our vision for a safe and healthy world of work, promoting IOSH’s policies and positions and ensuring our members’ views are represented at all levels. They also benefit from the support of the largest health and safety organisation in the world.

Our external representatives sit on committees in a range of organisations and industries.

You can apply to be an external representative at any time.


Closed vacancies

Keep and eye out throughout the year for opportunities to volunteer for these other roles.  

Board committees

Becoming a Board committee member is the perfect way to demonstrate your abilities, develop your contacts and give something back to your profession.

This opportunity is open to IOSH members at all levels of membership.

What will I achieve in this role?
  • Gain an understanding of strategic decision-making
  • Discuss resources and learn about the direction in which the organisation is going
  • Have a direct impact on the future of the Institution
  • Help the Board fulfil its roles and responsibilities
What’s involved in this role?
  • Commitment to four meetings per year, which may be ad hoc on occasions,
  • Able to spend time between meetings reading and reviewing papers to be informed ahead of your participation in meetings,
  • Commitment to a two-or three-year term.



Applications are currently closed.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the affairs of IOSH and is legally accountable for all the organisation’s activities and results. Trustees will have experience working as a senior manager at a strategic level. As a trustee, you can contribute to IOSH’s development and our vision for a safer and healthier world of work.

Applications are currently closed.

Branch volunteers

IOSH has over 40 branches, districts and sections. Each one has a committee that is made up of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers engage with IOSH members, recruit new members, organise activities and support the IOSH brand and strategy.

You can find resources for volunteers, including committee roles and responsibilities, by visiting the Volunteer Portal.

Applications are currently closed.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is an advisory committee to IOSH Council. It ensures the recruitment of volunteers to key positions in the IOSH governance structure.

Applications are currently closed.