Policies and procedures

Like all organisations, IOSH needs a certain number of rules, regulations and guidance to ensure the Institution runs smoothly and fairly.

Those relevant to the networks can be found below. If you need to check you are doing things correctly or have any questions or concerns, please speak to your Networks Development Manager/Regional Development Manager (branches) or Relationship Manager (groups) who will be able to help.

Code of Conduct

IOSH volunteers, staff and members should all be familiar with IOSH Code of Conduct.

Volunteer Agreement 

All IOSH volunteers are required to sign a Volunteer Agreement. This agreement has been signed by IOSH too, demonstrating our commitment to our volunteers and we ask the same in return. The Code of Behaviour which is referred to in the Volunteer Agreement is ultimately the foundation of the agreement. This Code of Behaviour clearly defines what is expected of IOSH volunteers, provides guidance on upholding IOSH's values, and outlines what you can expect from IOSH. If elected to an Executive Committee you will be asked to sign this agreement before being able to undertake your role.   

Volunteer Agreement associated documents:

Policies of note