What are network pages?

All IOSH branches and groups have their own set of network pages. These pages represent the network and its activities. Its important that network pages are kept up to date so they are relevant and engaging for members and those considering joining your network.

On the new IOSH website we have worked with our networks to create a standard style across all of our network pages. Depending on whether you are a branch or a group, your network pages will contain a number of the following pages:

About us – This will be the landing page for your network. It should include three to five paragraphs explaining what your network is about and any information that is specific to your network such as its purpose, how it’s run, how people can get involved etc.

Branch/group committee – The network committee page should consist of the name and title/role of each committee member.

Images of committee members and biographies are not being posted on the network pages.

Letter from the Chair – This page should be a few paragraphs from the current Chair. It may include reflections on recent news or events, or a note on what the network are looking forward to.

Where we are (branch only) – This page should include a few paragraphs explaining the geographical location of your branch and any useful information for members.

Branch/group events – There will be a button on this page which directs the user to the full event listing page. Other information on this page should include the regular venue for meetings (if you have one), your branch programme or planned events for groups, and other events of interest.

Recent events – This page will include any information about events that have recently taken place. To help make sure this page is kept up to date, events that took place more than a year ago should be assessed for relevance.

News updates – This page will include news updates and should be regularly updated. The page will be updated on a rolling basis on a year turnaround time. For example, if you ask us to upload a news update for December 2019, then we will remove any news updates from December 2018 or earlier. You can include a short paragraph about the news item, or links to external sources.

Industry resources (groups only) – This page is an opportunity to display any external links about your industry that would be useful for members to access.

Templates for managing your network pages can be found on the Forms and templates page and can be submitted to webhelp@iosh.com.

What happened to branch and group microsites?

Previously, IOSH network pages were referred to as “microsites”. Technically, this is the wrong term as the pages are part of the main IOSH website and not on a separate, smaller website. To avoid confusion and stay inline with standard web terminology, they will now be referred to as “network pages”.