Using Eventbrite

Our new online booking system, Eventbrite, will enhance the booking journey for members and non-members and will make your life easier as a volunteer.

Within this toolkit you’ll find clear processes, tutorials and where to go for support when using Eventbrite and your own committee mailbox.

Getting started with Eventbrite and your mailbox

For Chairs: how to set up the mailbox and Eventbrite account


  1. First, you will need to log into your new committee mailbox. Your new email address for the mailbox is in the email you’ve recently received entitled 'Eventbrite: new online booking system’ and your password has been sent separately. Guidance on this is below.
  2. Next, you need to set up your password for Eventbrite. Your username for Eventbrite is the same as your mailbox email address. There will be an email in your mailbox, which has instructions on how to set up your Eventbrite password, please follow the instructions and set up a password. Guidance on this is below.
  3. Give the credentials for the mailbox and the Eventbrite account to anybody in your committee who manages events. If a member stands down from your committee, please change the password for Eventbrite yourself and email ishelp@iosh.com and request for your mailbox password to be changed, then send around the new passwords to the members who have the credentials.
For Committee Members: how to use the mailbox and Eventbrite


  1. To access the committee mailbox, the Chair of your branch will need to provide you with the credentials. Once you have these, you can log into the mailbox and start receiving all notifications from Eventbrite, such as all delegates who have registered onto your events and any queries from delegates. You can reply to these queries from the mailbox, meaning you will not have to use your personal email address going forward. Guidance on how to log in to the mailbox is below.
  2. Prior to any event, you can download an attendance report, so you know how many people, and who, are going to attend your event. Please note, the delegate data you receive on event confirmation emails and in attendance reports should not be shared or used for any other purposes. To download the attendance report you’ll need to log into Eventbrite, using the credentials that your Chair has provided. Guidance on this is below.
What is the process now for uploading events?


The process for uploading events is very similar to before:

  1. Fill in the event template and send to webhelp@iosh.com as far in advance as the event date, to allow time for it to be promoted.
  2. Webhelp will upload your event to the IOSH website and Eventbrite.
  3. Webhelp will add the Eventbrite link to the event page on the IOSH website, to allow users to click through and book online. Therefore, from now on, all users will be required to book onto a branch event.

If you need any help with using Eventbrite or your mailbox, please email ishelp@iosh.com.