Establishing a new sector group

When considering an application for a new group please read Regulation 16 and the guidance associated with it, which will provide information about the regulations relating to, and the working of, sector groups.

Involving the Groups team at an early stage will also help to prevent any unnecessary work. The approval, or otherwise, of new groups is the decision of the Performance and Development Committee.

This process details the procedure for applications and appeals in relation to the formation of new IOSH groups. The Groups team are available to advise and assist with all aspects of these processes.

Once a need for a new IOSH sector group has been identified amongst IOSH members the Groups team should be contacted to establish if a relevant group is already in existence. If no relevant group exists the amount of member support for such a sector group needs to be established to ensure the formation of a new group would be viable, rather than it being a sub-group of an existing one.

  • When it has been agreed that a new group should be formed willing volunteers will need to be found to form the interim committee
  • Until a Chair can be elected by the committee a member will need to be nominated to stand as interim Chair
  • Two Chartered members will be required to sponsor any application made to form a new sector group
  • The application form should be completed with the assistance and support of the Groups team to ensure as much information as possible is provided
  • Once received by the Groups team the completed application form will be put before the Performance and Development Committee at their next appropriate meeting
  • The decision of the Performance and Development Committee will be passed back to the new group sponsors as soon as practicable after their meeting
  • A Relationship Manager will work with the interim committee to enable the recruitment of the formal committee using the established group recruitment process, where a relevant panel shortlists the applications and works with the appointed Chair to select the rest of the committee. The Relationship Manager will be able to provide full details of this process
  • Once established the new group committee will work with the allocated Relationship Manager to understand their roles and produce the relevant documents associated with sector groups including aims and objectives, a three-year plan, proposed events, etc.
  • Approximately once every three years all groups undergo a peer review. This is not an audit and is used to establish that the group is providing member benefit according to the IOSH strategy and their objectives, and to pass on best practice used by other sector groups. The reviews follow the agreed Group Peer Review Process, a copy of which is available from the Groups team.

If the sponsors of the proposed new group do not agree with the decision of the Performance and Development Committee, they have the right to appeal

  • Appeals, in writing, should be sent to the Groups team who will present it to the Committee at their next appropriate meeting. Please provide as much detail as possible to enable the committee to review their decision
  • The Performance and Development Committee’s decision on the appeal, and the reasons behind it, will be communicated to the group sponsors as soon as possible after their meeting
  • If the decision of the Committee is not altered by the appeal and the proposed group wishes to escalate the matter, they can request that it be heard by the Board of Trustees as the overseeing committee or their appointed representative