Planning an event

Events form a large part of each branch, district and group's activity, and are a key part of IOSH’s strategy. However large or small your event is, you'll help to:

  • raise the profile of health and safety and of IOSH
  • offer benefits to existing members and attract new ones
  • provide education and development
  • share best practice
  • offer CPD opportunities
  • facilitate networking
  • provide a platform for debate

There are several types of event that could be included in your annual programme. Offering a variety of events will help keep members engaged and interested.

  • Meetings: most branches and districts hold regular meetings for their members. Typically, they are held in the evenings for a couple of hours and provide an opportunity to share information, network and often feature a single speaker. They are usually free of charge to attend, organised by the branch/district with costs being covered through the annual budget process.
  • Conferences and events: half-day or full-day with several speakers which could include icebreakers, workshop sessions, table discussions, panel debates and Q&As. These events are usually chargeable and require careful budgeting as they need to fund themselves and break even.
  • Site visits: these are generally free venue tours that are arranged to enable delegates to see industry specific venues and locations, experiencing what goes on behind closed doors.
  • Webinars: web-based seminars used for live meetings, training or presentations over the internet. These sessions are very popular as they enable global networking, information and file-sharing with attendees, regardless of where they are in the world. Webinars usually run for under an hour and are free of charge to run.

Note that the Events team will lead on the organisation of conferences/events, site visits and webinars.

Collaborating with other groups, branches or external organisations is a great way to develop an enhanced programme and reach a wider audience. You can discuss this with your Regional Manager (branches) or Relationship Manager (groups) or the Events team.

The Presidential Team is made up of the President, President Elect, Immediate Past President and 6 Vice-Presidents. These volunteers represent IOSH at a range of internal and external events, they appreciate the chance to talk to committees and members about IOSH and the OSH profession. If you would like to invite a members of the Presidential team to your event, please submit a Presidential team visit request form to governance@iosh.com.

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