Group meeting planning

Groups produce and follow a three-year rolling plan which is updated on an annual basis and is drafted at a committee meeting or strategy planning day. The three-year plan details all the activities planned by the group and notes the progress against these plans.

Your group’s three-year rolling plan document is maintained by your Relationship Manager (RM) and is specific to your group.

The group’s activities normally fall within the following seven categories:

  • Networks, membership and group community
  • Stimulate dialogue and debate
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and technical updates
  • Raising external profile
  • Technical issues and championing
  • Good management
  • Other/miscellaneous

A group action log is kept to record day-to-day actions resulting from committee meetings. All actions will be reviewed at every meeting and will remain on the list until they are completed. The forms are revised for every meeting so that other, relevant information is also recorded. This includes the attendees and apologies, along with the group membership numbers and details of the group budget, the spend to date and the remaining balance. The next meeting date and venue is also noted.

Your RM will maintain the action list for your group and circulate a copy prior to every committee meeting.

The Groups peer review process ensures that groups are active, following their plan and providing benefit to their members. A review of the group is normally undertaken every three years by a Member Advisory Panel (MAP). Their role is to do a peer review and pass on best practice. It is a two-way process and is not an audit of the group.

Download the IOSH Groups Peer Review Process [PDF download] for full details of what is involved and an overview flowchart for quick reference.