Group funding

Preparing a budget for your group is a very important part of the year. Funding for group activities is managed carefully to ensure that money is used effectively and efficiently to support IOSH members. If your query is not answered below, please speak to your Relationship Manager (RM) for further support.

Group budgets are processed via IOSH. RMs will provide templates in August/September each year, along with guidance for the funding requests. The committee should work with their RM to discuss and agree a programme of activities, events and projects that they wish to deliver over the next financial year. The plans should be in line with the group’s three-year plan and IOSH’s strategic objectives as outlined in WORK 2022.

The budget template is split up into the following sections:

  • Committee running costs. Your RM will complete the committee running costs part of the template. This will include meeting venue, refreshments, travel and accommodation.
  • Additional costs. This will include webinars and representing IOSH at external meetings. This section will also include annual activities such as awards.
  • The cost of any low cost free to attend events need to be covered and these should be included in the ‘Additional costs’ on the templates, unless they are considered to be part of an agreed project. Costs submitted should be net (not include VAT).

Events are dealt with separately by the Events team. Large events need to run through the Events team with a separate budget to break even.

Once the Chair has agreed the completed funding submission, it should be passed to the RM. The group budgets will be reviewed internally at IOSH and any further information required will be requested via your RM. All the submissions will then be considered and approved by the Board of Trustees. Once approved, groups will be advised of what funds they will receive. The money will then be made available at the start of the new financial year.

To allow time for all the relevant reviews and any requests for further information, a deadline is set for when the completed templates should be received by your RM. It is important that this deadline is met and groups are requested to plan accordingly.

Monitoring Costs: At each committee meeting your RM will keep you updated with expenditure against budget. Monthly figures can be made available if required. Any project costs should be monitored closely to ensure that they are kept within their agreed budget.

Restrictions on spending

IOSH is a registered charity (Registered charity in England and Wales No. 1096790 and Scotland No. SC043254), and as such is bound by the rules as set out by The Charity Commission.

These rules include how monies can be spent and allocated to others. The rules around giving funds to other charities are very complicated, but as a general rule, we discourage committees from allocating funds to other charities (whether this is as sponsorship or as a direct payment for services). Please refer to this guidance from The Charity Commission website for more information.