Claiming expenses

We have implemented a new travel and subsistence business rule, to bring IOSH in line with modern-day good practice and makes best use of IOSH’s member funds. The business rule has been designed to provide a fair, reasonable and cost-effective system for reimbursing out of pocket travel and subsistence expenses.

IOSH will reimburse all approved business expenses that a volunteer might reasonably and properly incur while on IOSH business. These expenses can include travel, accommodation and refreshment – but they must be reasonable and accompanied by receipts.

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It is important you read the business rule and understand its effect on you and the business you conduct on behalf of IOSH.

This business rule will replace our existing Travel and Expenses Policy and has now come into effect.

Volunteers need to complete the Expense claim form. Please make sure the form is signed by the Chair before leaving a meeting or event, and pass it onto your Regional Manager for action within one month to avoid delay in reimbursement.

For more information regarding what is acceptable to claim back, please contact your Relationship Manager and Regional Manager.