Branch meeting planning

One of the key benefits our members get from joining a Network is the opportunity to meet with other OSH professionals, to share good practice and continually develop. Members of IOSH rely on their networks to give them up to date and relevant information.

A strong, forward thinking branch programme, aligned to the IOSH corporate strategy, WORK 2022, will attract members to the branch meetings and help to build the support network for all members.

For branches it is especially important that upcoming activities are easily available on the branch's website pages. To help get the important information about planned activities on the website pages an online branch programme form is now available. Once completed this can be sent straight to webhelp@iosh.com for uploading. Further details for each event should then be submitted as early as possible to help get the event listed and promoted in good time.

Annual strategy and planning days are a very good way to make the time to build the strategy into all of the activities of the Network.

Bringing the committee together for a whole day, where the usual committee business can take place, along with the planning for the year ahead, really helps to develop a strong programme with strategic alignment.

Please speak to your Regional Manager about holding an annual strategy and planning day and compiling the Network programme for the year ahead.

Running virtual meetings 

To help you run your branch meetings and committee meetings virtually using the Zoom platform, we have put together some pointers, guidance and best practice. Following these should enable your meetings to run smoothly and successfully. 

Zoom is constantly updating to meet the needs of its users. As a result, we will endeavour to keep our guidance up to date, so please do return to this page to check for new information.

If you need any additional assistance with running a virtual meeting, please contact your Regional or Relationship Manager in the first instance.

We also have a Zoom induction video if you require additional support.